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Aberdeen, Scotland
(Est. 1495)
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AuthorFaculty / Appointment DatesVols.TraditionReference
William LesliePrincipal of King's College (1635-?) 0Reformedn/a
Pieter BurmannLibrarian (1724-1741) 10Reformedn/a
Alexander ScrogieScholar of King's College (?-?) 0Reformedn/a
Faculty of Arts
John MenziesProf. of Logic (?-1649) 0Reformedn/a
Faculty of Medicine
Olaus WormiusProf. of Medicine (1624-1654) 13Lutherann/a
Faculty of Philosophy
Alexander LunanProf. of Philosophy (1619-?) 0Reformedn/a
James SibbaldProf. of Natural Philosophy (1620-1626) 0Reformedn/a
John RaeProf. of Moral Philosophy (1632-1648) 1Reformedn/a
Nicolaus BertholdProf. of Logic and Metaphysics (1660-1687) 0Reformedn/a
George TurnbullRegent (1721-1727) 4Anglicanen
David FordyceProf. of Philosophy (1742-1750) 11n/an/a
Alexander GerardProf. of Philosophy (1750-1760) 32Reformedn/a
William DuncanProf. of Philosophy (1752-1760) 19n/an/a
James BeattieProf. of Moral Philosophy and Logic (?-?) 20n/aen
William ForbesLecturer (?-1606) 14ReformedDNB1
John SetonProf. of Philosophy (?-?) 0Reformedn/a
Faculty of Philosophy and Mathematics
Andreas BöhmProf. of Philosophy and Mathematics (?-?) 1Lutherann/a
Faculty of Theology
John ForbesProf. of Theology (1620-1641) 15Reformeden | DNB1
Robert BaronProf. of Theology (1625-1639) 18Reformeden | DNB2 | Scholasticon
Andrew StrachanProf. of Theology (1634-1635) 0Reformedn/a
William DouglasProf. of Theology (1643-1666) 0Reformedn/a
Henry ScougalProf. of Theology (1674-1678) 28Reformedn/a
John MenziesProf. of Theology (1678-1681) 0Reformedn/a
James GardenProf. of Theology (1680-1697) 3Reformedn/a
John MenziesProf. of Theology (1682-1684) 0Reformedn/a
Patrick SibbaldProf. of Theology (1684-?) 0Reformedn/a
James OsbornProf. of Theology (1697-1711) 0Reformedn/a
George AndersonProf. of Theology (1704-1710) 0Reformedn/a
Thomas Blackwell, SrProf. of Theology (1710-1728) 6Reformedn/a
David AndersonProf. of Theology (1711-1733) 0Reformedn/a
James ChalmersProf. of Theology (1728-?) 0Reformedn/a
Robert PollockProf. of Theology (1745-?) 0Reformedn/a
Alexander GerardProf. of Theology (1760-1771) 32Reformedn/a
George CampbellProf. of Theology (1770-?) 33n/an/a
George HillProf. of Theology (1778-?) 19Reformedn/a

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