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Nevay, John (c.1606-1672)
The nature, properties, blessings, and saving graces, of the covenant of grace : opened and applied, in LII sermons, on 2 Samuel xxiii. 5 (Glasgow, 1748)
Preston, John (1587-1628)  en
The New Covenant, Or, The Saints Portion: A Treatise Unfolding the All-sufficiencie of God, Mans Uprightnes, and the Covenant of Grace. Delivered in Fourteene Sermons Upon Gen. 17. 1.2. Whereunto are Adioyned Foure Sermons Upon Eccles. 9., 5th ed., ed. Richard Sibbes, John Davenport (London : I[ohn] D[awson, George Purslowe, and William Jones] for Nicolas Bourne, 1630)
Ridgley, Thomas (1667-1734)
A body of divinity : wherein the doctrines of the Christian religion are explained and defended : being the substance of several lectures on the Assembly's Larger catechism, vol. 1 (New York : R. Carter, 1855)
Roy, Albert (1663-1733)
Exercitatio theologica quinquagesima sexta quae prima est de divino redemptionis nostrae opere seu de foedere gratiae primo in genere et de foedere illius mediatore ... (Bernae : ex Officina Typ. Illustr. Reip. Bernensis, 1723)
Rutherford, Samuel (1600-1661)  en
The covenant of life opened : or, A treatise of the covenant of grace .. (Edinburgh : A. Anderson for R. Broun, 1655)
Saller, William (-c.1680)
The two covenants of works and of grace, described and opened for the inlinghtning & confort of the present generation ([London] : J. Field, 1682)
Sewel, Willem (1653-1720)
[ Quaker ]
The history of the rise, increase, and progress, of the Christian people called Quakers: intermixed with several remarkable occurrences. Written originally in Low-Dutch, and also translated into English, 2nd ed. (assigns of J. Sowle, 1725)
Strong, William (-1654)
A discourse of the two covenants: wherein the nature, differences, and effects of the covenant of works and of grace are distinctly, rationally, spiritually and practically discussed; together with a considerable quantity of practical cases dependent thereon.
London : J. M. for Francis Tyton, 1678WAP 
Vitringa, Campegius, Jr (1693-1723)
Disputatio theologica de natura foederis quod Deus pepigit cum Israëlitis ad montem Sinaï: Quam ... sub præsidio ... Campegii Vitringa, fil. ... (apud Franciscum Halmam, 1716)
Vlak, Johannes (c.1635-1690)
Dissertationem trias. De Dei operum et Pacis foederibus, atque de Justificatione. In quibus Veritas ex S. Scriptura, Antiquitate & Reformationis principiis solide demonstratur atque Animadversionibus D. M. Leidekkeri, Viri Cl. modeste respondetur. (Amstelodami : Corn. Blankardum, 1689) [against Melchior Leydekker]
Vrolikhert, Cornelis (1676-1739)
Twee godgeleerde oeffeningen, tot bewaaring van 't welbepaalde in de Hervormde Kerk, ten aanzien van Gods verbondseyschen ... (gedrukt by Joannes van Braam, 1732)
Warren, Edward (fl.1656-)
Caleb's inheritance in Canaan by grace, not works : an answer to a book entituled The doctrine of Baptism and distinction of the covenants, lately published by Tho. Patient ... (London : George Sawbridge, 1656)
Wedderburn, Alexander (c.1620-1678)
David's testament opened up in fourty sermons upon II. Samuel 23. 5. Wherein the nature, properties, and effects of the covenant of grace are clearly held forth (Edinburgh : heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to Their most excellent Majesties, 1691)
Witsius, Herman (1636-1708)  de en
De oeconomia foederum Dei cum hominibus libri quatuor
Basel : Joh. Rudolph Im-Hoff, 1739GB 
Herborn : Johannes Nicolaus Andreas, 1712GB 
2nd ed. / Leeuwarden : Jacob Hagenaar, 1685GB 
The Economy of the Covenants between God and Man. Comprehending a Complete Body of Divinity, trans. William Crookshank (Edinburgh : Thomas Turnbull)
Vol. 1 (1803)
Vol. 2 (1803) GB 
Vier boecken, van de verscheyden bedeelinge der verbonden Gods met de menschen (Utrecht : Johannes van de Water, Johannes Ribbius, en Fransçois Halma, in compagnie, 1686)
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