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Ethics (Christian)

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Bellarmino, Roberto, S.J. (1542-1621)  en it
De arte bene moriendi libri duo (Lyon : Iacobi Cardon et Petri Cauellat, 1620)
Beveridge, William (1637-1708)
Private thoughts upon a Christian life; or, necessary directions for its beginning and progress upon earth, in order to its final perfection in the beatifick vision. Part II, 3rd ed. (London : R. Smith, 1712)
Bèze, Théodore de (1519-1605)  fr en
Tractatio de polygamia (Geneva : Jean Vignon, 1610)
Tractatio de repudiis et divortiis
Geneva : E. Vignon, 1587GB 
Geneva : E. Vignon, 1591 [Missing first pages] GB 
Bohl, Samuel (1611-1639)
Ethica sacra hoc est Commentarius super proverbia Salomonis (Rostochii : Nicolaus Kilius, 1640)
Bright, George (-1696)
Christian Prudence, or, Directions for the Guidance and Conduct of our Selves, in the Case of Judging one another. Being Several Discourses on Matth. 7.1. Judge not, that you be not judged. (London : For Matt. Wotton; G. Conyers, 1699)
Bucer, Martin (1491-1551)  en de
The judgement of Martin Bucer concerning divorce, trans. John Milton (London : M. Simmons, 1644)
Buddeus, Johann Franz (1667-1729)  en de
Institutiones theologiae moralis, variis observationibus illustratae (Leipzig : Thomas Fritsch, 1727)
Bullinger, Heinrich (1504-1575)  en de
Der christlich Eestand. Von der heiligen Ee Harkummen, wenn, wo, wie unnd von wäm sy ufgesetzt unnd was sy sye, wie sy recht bezogen werde, was jro Ursachen Frucht und Eer, dargegen wie uneerlich die Huory unnd der Eebruch sye ouch wie man ein kommlichen Eegmahel erkiesen, eeliche Liebe, Trüw unnd Pflicht halten und meeren und die Kinder wol und recht ufziehen sölle (Zürich : Christoffel Froschouer, 1540)
Burroughs, Jeremiah (1599-1646)  en
Moses his choice, with his eye fixed upon heaven: Discovering the happy condition of a self-denying heart (London, 1650)
The Saints Happinesse. Together with the severall steps leading thereunto, delivered in divers Lectures on the Beatitudes; Being part of Christs Sermon in the Mount; contained in the fifth of Mathew (London : M. S., 1660)
A Sermon Preached Before the Honorable House of Commons Assembled in Parliament: At Their Late Solemn Fast, August 26. 1646. in Margarets Westminster (London : Matthew Simmons, 1646)
Two Treatises of Jeremiah Burroughs. The First, Of Earthly-mindedness ... The Second Treatise, Of Conversing in Heaven, and Walking with God (London : P. Cole, 1656)
Calixt, Georg (1586-1656)  de en
Ethische Schriften, ed. Inge Mager [Werke in Auswahl, vol. 3] (Göttingen : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1970)
Calvin, Jean (1509-1564)  en fr
Traicte tres excellent de la vie chrestienne (1552)
Traité de la vie Chretienne (Geneva, 1550)
Chevallier, Paulus (1722-1795)
Een zestal van Kerkelyke Redevoeringen, over zommige algemeene gronden der Zedeleere (1770)
Collier, Jeremy (1650-1726)
Essays upon several moral subjects: Part III. ... By Jeremy Collier, M.A. (George Strahan, 1720)
Colonius, Paulus, II (-1684)
Epicrisis in defensionem honestatis (Hardervicum, 1663)
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