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Addison, Lancelot (1632-1703)  en
The Present State of the Jews: Wherein is contained An Exact Account of their Customs, Secular and Religious. To which is annexed a Summary Discourse of the Misna, Talmud, & Gemara (London : J.C. for William Crooke, 1676)
Azpilcueta, Martín de (1491-1586)  en es
Relectio cap. Ita quorundam, De iudaeis : in qua de rebus ad sarracenos deferri prohibitis (Coimbra, 1550)
Burnet, Thomas (1635-1715)  en
Telluris theoria sacra; accedit ejusdem Archaeologia philosophica (J. Wolters, 1694)
Buxtorf, Johann, Sr (1564-1629)  en de
Synagoga Judaica
Basel : Ludovici König, 1641GB 
3rd ed. / Basel : J. G. König, 1712GB 
3rd ed. / Basel : Ludovici König, 1680GB 
3rd ed. / Frankfurt / Leipzig : Johann Paul Krauß, 1728GB 
3rd ed. / Frankfurt / Leipzig : Johann Paul Krauß, 1738ULBH 
Calixt, Georg (1586-1656)  de en
Disputatio Theologica Demonstrans Adversus Judaeos, Messiam Iam Dudum Venisse / Quam Syn The? In Illustri Academia Iulia, Praeside Georgio Calixto Holsato ... publice sustinebit Johannes Schraderus Goslariensis. VI. Eid. Quinct. in novo Iuleo (Helmaestadii : Jakob Lucius, 1616)
da Costa, Uriel (c.1585-1640)   
[ Jewish ]
The remarkable life of Uriel Acosta, an Eminent Freethinker; with his reasons for rejecting all revealed religion. To which is added Mr. Limborch's Defence of Christianity in answer to Acosta's objections: With an introduction, containing, memoirs of Mr. Limborch's life and an account of his writings (John Whiston, 1740) / added author(s): Philip van Limborch
Heshusen, Heinrich (1556-1597)  
Bericht || VOn einem Juden/|| So die Tauffe zu erst betrieglich || gesuchet/ vnd doch durch Gottes Gericht || wunderbarlich zu erkentnis seiner Suenden || kommen/ Die Tauffe erlanget (Leipzig : Bartholomaeus Voigt, 1596)
Ridgley, Thomas (1667-1734)
A body of divinity : wherein the doctrines of the Christian religion are explained and defended : being the substance of several lectures on the Assembly's Larger catechism, vol. 1 (New York : R. Carter, 1855)
Sewel, Willem (1653-1720)
[ Quaker ]
The history of the rise, increase, and progress, of the Christian people called Quakers: intermixed with several remarkable occurrences. Written originally in Low-Dutch, and also translated into English, 2nd ed. (assigns of J. Sowle, 1725)
Valentia, Iacobus, O.E.S.A. (c.1408-1490)
Doctissimimae et plane divinae explanationes in centum & quinnquaginta Psalmos Davidicos. In Cantica officialia seu ferialia, & evangelica, quae in ecclesiasticis officiis decantantur. In Canticum Sanctorum Ambrosii, & Augustini; Item Tractatus sane quam argutus Quaestionum quinque cum earum subtilissimis resolutionibus contra Iudaeos Christinae fidei adversarios; una cum excelentissima explanatione in Cantica Canticorum, adiecta nuperrime in Symbolum Divi Atanasii Episcopi aurea expositione. (Venetiis : Apud Fabium, & Augustinum Zopinos, Frat., 1581)
Vitringa, Campegius, Sr (1659-1722)  en de
De Synagoga vetere (1696)

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