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Altham, Michael (1633-1705)
Some queries to Protestants answered: And an explanation of the Roman Catholick's belief in four great points considered. I. Concerning their church. II. Their worship. III. Justification. IV. Civil government (London : J.H., 1686)
Andrewes, Lancelot (1555-1626)
The form of consecration of a church or chappel, and of the place of Christian burial (1675)
Barksdale, Clement (1609-1687)
The disputation at Winchcomb, November 9, 1653 : together with the letters and testimonies pertinent thereto : wherein is offered some satisfaction in several points of religion (London : William Lee, 1654)
Bèze, Théodore de (1519-1605)  fr en
Acta colloquii Montis Belligartensis 1586 Praeside Friderico, Comite Wirtembergico ... inter Jacobum Andreae et Theod. Bezam (Wittenberg, 1605) / added author(s): Jakob Andreae
Boys, John (bap.1571-1625)  en
An exposition of the several offices, adapted for the various occasions of public worship together with the Epistles and Gospels for each Sunday and festival of the Ecclesiastical year
New York : Stanford and Swords, 1851IA 
Philadelphia : King & Baird
Vol. 1 (1850) IA 
Vol. 2 (1850) IA 
Bugenhagen, Johann (1485-1558)  en de
Etlich Christliche bedencken von der Mess und andern Cerimonien (Wittenberg, 1525) / added author(s): Philipp Melanchthon
Calvör, Caspar (1650-1725)  de
Ritualis Ecclesiastici / 1 : Origines ac causas Rituum, quos Ecclesia, Evangelica cumprimis, in Vitae Ingressv, Progressv, Egressv frequentat, evolvens, Subnexo Usu ac Abusu (Jenae : Ehrichius König, 1705)
Ritualis Ecclesiastici / 2 : Nobile de Locis, Temporibvs, Personis Sacris, variisque aliis ad Antiquitatem Ecclesiasticamque rem spectantibus argumentum pertractans, Subnexo Usu ac Abusu (Jenae : Ehrichius König, 1705)
Church of England
Book of common prayer (London, 1588)
Church of Scotland
The book of common-prayer, and administration of the sacraments; and other parts of divine service for the use of the Church of Scotland. With a paraphrase of the Psalms in metre by King James the VI. (Edinburgh : James Watson, 1712) / added author(s): James I (King of England) [Reprint of 1637 Edinburgh edition]
The service, discipline and forme of the Common prayers and administration of the sacraments, used in the English Church of Geneva : as it was approved by that most reverend divine, M. Iohn Calvin, and the Church of Scotland (London : William Cooke, 1641)
Collier, Jeremy (1650-1726)
A communion office, taken partly from primitive liturgies, and partly from the first English reformed Common-prayer-book: together with offices for confirmation, and the visitation of the sick (James Bettenham, 1718)
Falkner, William (-1682)  en
Libertas Ecclesiastica, Or, A Discourse, Vindicating the Lawfulness of Those Things, which are Chiefly Excepted Against in the Church of England, Especially in Its Liturgy and Worship ..., 2nd ed. (London : J.M. for Watter Kettilby, 1674)
L'Estrange, Hamon (1605-1660)  en
The alliance of divine offices, exhibiting all the liturgies of the Church of England since the Reformation
Oxford : Parker, 1846IA 
The alliance of divine offices: exhibiting all the liturgies of the Church of England since the Reformation; as also the late Scotch Service-book, with all their respective variations, 2nd ed.
2nd ed. / London : Charles Brome, 1690GB 
3rd ed. / London : Charles Brome, 1699GB 
Melanchthon, Philipp (1497-1560)  de en
Postilla Melanthoniana, ed. Christoph Pezel, vol. 2 (Hanau : Antonius, 1594)
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