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Daillé, Jean (1594-1670)  en fr
21 sermons de Iean Daille', sur le 10. chapitre de la 1. epitre de S. Paul aux Corinthiens. Prononcez à Charenton, l'an 1664, 1665, 1666 (Iean Ant. & Samuel de Tournes, 1667)
Hall, Thomas (1610-1665)  en
To Halas tēs gēs. Sive Apologia pro ministerio evangelico : in quâ planè & plenè ostenditur eius necessitas, dignitas, efficacia & vtilitas ... (Francofurti : Broun, 1658)
Hunnius, Aegidius (1550-1603)  en de
Tomus Tertius Operum Latinorum, vol. 3 (Witebergae : Müller, 1608) [Continens potissimum Commentarios in Evangelium S. Matthaei & B. Iohannis, una cum Methodo concionandi. Quibus adjecta sunt: Epitome Biblica & praelectiones in XXI. Capp. Geneseos]
Melanchthon, Philipp (1497-1560)  de en
Postilla Melanthoniana, ed. Christoph Pezel (Hanau : Antonius)
Vol. 2 (1594)
Vol. 3 (1594) ULBH 
Vol. 4 (1595) ULBH 
ed. Christoph Pezel (Heidelberg : Harnisch)
Vol. 1 (1594) ULBH 
Ridgley, Thomas (1667-1734)
A body of divinity : wherein the doctrines of the Christian religion are explained and defended : being the substance of several lectures on the Assembly's Larger catechism, vol. 1 (New York : R. Carter, 1855)
Schleupner, Christoph (1566-1638)
Tractatus de quadruplici methodo concionandi (Lipsiae, 1613)
Tuckney, Anthony (1599-1670)  en
ΘΑΝΑΤΟΚΤΑΣΙΑ. Οr, Death disarmed: and the grave swallowed up in victory. A Sermon preached at St. Maries in Cambridge, Decem. 22. 1653 at the publick funerals of Dr. Hill, late master of Trinity Colledge in that University (London : J. Rothwell & S. Gellebrand, 1654)
Weller, Hieronymus (1499-1572)  de
Brevis Enarratio Aliqvot Psalmorvm: Libellvs De Modo Concionandi, pro studiosis Theologiae. De Modo Et Ratione Concionandi (Crato, 1558)
Wilkins, John (1614-1672)  en
A Discourse Concerning the Gift of Prayer: Shewing what it Is, Wherin it Consists, and how Far it is Attainable by Industry, with Divers Useful and Proper Directions to that Purpose, Both in Respect of Matter, Method, Expression (London : T. M., 1655)

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