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Richard Greenham (c.1542-1594)
TraditionPuritan, ReformedReferenceen | DNB1Academic Titlen/a
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A fruitful and Godly sermon:containing necessary and profitable doctrine, for the reformation of our sinfull and wicked liues, but especially for the comfort of a troubled conscience in all distresses. By M. Richard Greenham pastor of Drayton. (Edinburgh : Robert Walde-graue, printer to the Kings Majestie, 1595)
A godlie exhortation, and fruitfull admonition to vertuous parents and modest matrons. Describing the holie vse, and blessed institution of that most honorable state of matrimonie, and the encrease of godlie and happy children, in training them vp in godly education, and houshold discipline. R.G. (London : [By Ihon Windet and Thomas Iudson] for Nicholas Ling, 1584)
A most sweete and assured comfort for all those that are afflicted in consciscience [sic], or troubled in minde. Written by that godly & zealous preacher, M. Richard Greenham. With two comfortable letters to his especiall friends that way greeued. (London : Iohn Danter, for William Iones, 1595)
Paramuthion. Tvvo Treatises of the Comforting of an Afflicted Conscience, with Certaine Epistles of the Same Argument: Heereunto are Added Two Sermons, with Certaine Graue and Wise Counsells and Answeres of the Same Author and Argument (London : imR. Bradocke for R. Dexter, 1598)
Paramythion tvvo treatises of the comforting of an afflicted conscience, written by M. Richard Greenham, with certaine epistles of the same argument. Heereunto are added two sermons, with certaine graue and wise counsells and answeres of the same author and argument. (London : Richard Bradocke, for Robert Dexter, and are to be solde at the signe of the Brasen Serpent in Paules Churchyard, 1598)
Propositions containing answers to certaine demaunds in divers spirituall matters specially concerning the conscience oppressed with the griefe of sinne. With an epistle against hardnes of heat, made by that woorthie preacher of the Gospell of Christ, M. R. Greenham pastor of Drayton. (Edinburgh : Robert Waldegraue printer to the Kings Majestie, 1597)
Two learned and godly sermons, preached by that reuerende and zelous man M. Richard Greenham: on these partes of scripture folowing. The first sermon on this text. A good name is to be desired aboue great riches, and louing fauour aboue siluer and golde. Pro. 22, I. The second sermon on this text. Quench not the spirit. I. Thessa. 5, 19. (London : Gabriel Simson and William White, for William Iones, dwelling neare Holborne condite at the signe of the Gunne : where they are to be solde, 1595)

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