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Athenagoras (c.133-190)
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The apologeticks of the learned Athenian philosopher Athenagoras, I. For the Christian religion. II. For the truth of the resurrection. Against the scepticks and infidels of that age. Together with a curious fragment of Justin Martyr on the subject of the resurrection, not published in his works. And two other fragments: the one attributed to Josephus; the other to Methodius, concerning the state of the dead. Both from MSS. of the late Reverend Dr. Grabe. With the original Greek printed in the appendix. Done into English, with notes. To which are prefix'd two dissertations: the one concerning the Jewish notion of the resurrection; the other concerning Athenagoras and his remains (London, Printed by G. James : for R. Smith, 1714)
Athenagora, atheniese, philosopho christiano, Della risurrettione de' morti (Venetia : [Paolo Manuzio], 1556)
Athnagorou Athnaiou philosophou Christianou apologia peri Christiann. Tou autou peri anastases nekrn = Athenagorae Athenie[n]sis philosophi Christiani apologia pro Christianis, ad imperatores Antonium & Commodum. Eiusdem, De resurrectione mortuorum, trans. Conrad Gesner ([Geneva] : Ex officina Henrici Stephani, 1557)
Sancti Iustini philosophi et martyris opera : Graecus textus multis in locis correctus et Latina Ioannis Langi versio passim emendata: tum varians lectio, emendationum coniecturae, et res Indices seorsim in fine additi. Ab initio praemissa veterum de Iustino elogia, ordinis et censurae ratio (Lutetiae Parisiorum : apud Michaelem Sonnium, 1615) / added author(s): Justin Martyr, Theophilus of Antioch, Tatianus Syrus
Theologōn diaphorōn syngrammata palaia kai orthodoxa / quorum plerique partim latine, partim graece antehac non sunt editi ..., trans. Conrad Gesner ([Zürich] : [Andreas Gessner d.J.], 1559) / added author(s): Ignatius of Antioch
Του ̓εν ̔αγιοις πατρος ̔ημων ̓Αθηναγορου ... σωζομενα. S. patris Athenagoræ ... opera, cum notis variis, curante L. A. Rechenbergio, ed. Adam Rechenberg (Lipsiae : Apud J. F. Gleditschium, 1685)

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