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Richard Alison (fl.1588-1606)
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An howres recreation in musicke apt for instrumentes and voyces. Framed for the delight of gentlemen and others which are wel affected to that qualitie, all for the most part with two trebles, necessary for such as teach in priuate families, with a prayer for the long preseruation of the King and his posteritie, and a thankesgiuing for the deliuerance of the whole estate from the late conspiracie. By Richard Alison Gentleman and practitioner in this arte. (London : Iohn windet the assigne of William Barley, and are to be sold at the Golden Anchore in Pater Noster Row, 1606)
A plaine confutation of a treatise of Brovvnisme, published by some of that faction, entituled: A description of the visible Church In the confutation wherof, is shewed, that the author hath neither described a true gouerment of the Church, nor yet proued, that outward discipline is the life of the Church. Whereunto is annexed an ansvvere vnto two other pamphlets, by the said factioners latelie dispersed, of certaine conferences had with some of them in prison. Wherein is made knowen the inconstancie of this sect, what the articles are which they still maintaine: as also a short confutation of them. There is also added a short ansvvere vnto such argumentes as they haue vsed to proue the Church of England not to be the Church of God. (London : Thomas Scarlet for William Wright, 1590)
The Psalmes of Dauid in meter the plaine song beeing the common tunne to be sung and plaide vpon the lute, orpharyon, citterne or base violl, seuerally or altogether, the singing part to be either tenor or treble to the instrument, according to the nature of the voyce, or for foure voyces: with tenne short tunnes in the end, to which for the most part all the Psalmes may be vsually sung, for the vse of such as are of mean skill, and whose leysure least serueth to practise: by Richard Allison Gent. practitioner in the art of musicke: and are to be sold at his house in the Dukes place neere Alde-gate. (London : [i.e. for] William Barley, the assigne of Thomas Morley, 1599)

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