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Henry More (1614-1687)
TraditionAnglican, Arminian-Remonstrant, LatitudinarianReference Academic Titlen/a
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An antidote against atheism; or, An appeal to the naturall faculties of the minde of man, whether there be not a God (London : J. Flesher, and are to be sold by W. Morden, bookseller in Cambridge, 1655)
A brief discourse of the real presence of the body and blood of Christ in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist : wherein the witty artifices of the Bishop of Meaux and of Monsieur Maimbourg are obviated, whereby they would draw in the Protestants to imbrace the doctrine of transubstantiation (London : Walter Kettilby, 1686) / added author(s): William Wake [Also ascribed to William Wake. With this are bound: A discourse of the Holy Eucharist in the two great points of the real presence and the adoration of the host ... / William Wake (London : Printed for Richard Chiswell, 1687); A full view of the doctrines and practices of the Ancient Church relating to the Eucharist ... / John Patrick (London : Printed for Richard Chiswell, 1688)]
Dialogi Divini : Per Autorem Latinè redditi Disquisitiones Varias Et Instructiones Continentes De Attributis Et Providentia Dei ; Tres Primi Dialogi, Qui De Attributis Dei Tractant ejúsque Providentia in Genere / Collecti & concinnati Curâ ac Industriâ F. P. (1679)
Dialogorum Divinorum Postremi Duo: Ante Annos ferè duodecim scripti, nunc verò per Authorem in Latinum versi; qui tractant de Regno Dei, Et de Speciali illius Providentia per Christum Super Ecclesiam, A Principio usque ad Finem Seculorum (1679)
Divine dialogues containing disquisitions concerning the attributes and providence of God (Robert Foulis, and sold by him, 1743)
Divine Dialogues, containing sundry disquisitions and instructions concerning the attributes of God, etc ()
Vol. 1 (1668)
Vol. 2 (1668) GB 
Divine dialoques : containing sundry disquisition & instructions concerning the attributes of God and his providence in the world (London : :, 1713)
Enthusiasm explained: or, a discourse on the nature, kind and cause of enthusiasm. With proper rules to preserve the mind from being tainted with it. Extracted from a learned piece of a late eminent writer (T. Gardner, 1739)
Enthusiasmus triumphatus: or, a discourse of the nature, causes, kinds and cure of enthusiasme (London : Flesher, 1656)
An Explanation of the Grand Mystery of Godliness: Or, A True and Faithfull Representation of the Everlasting Gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Onely [sic] Begotten Son of God and Sovereign Over Men and Angels (J. Flesher, 1660)
Qui Suam Variorum Scriptorum Philosophicorum Collectionem primitus dictam complectitur : Viz. Antidotum adversus Atheismum. Appendicem ad dictum Antidotum. Enthusiasmum Triumphatum. Epistolas ad Cartesium. Immortalitatem Animæ. Conjecturam Cabbalisticam ; Quibus accessêre Divinorum Dialogorum duo posteriores, qui de Regno Dei tractant, & de Speciali illius Providentia per Christum super Ecclesiam à principio usque ad finem sæculorum, vol. 1 (Londini : Martyn ; London : Norton, 1679)
Some cursory reflexions impartially made upon Mr. Richard Baxter: his way of writing notes on the Apocalypse, and upon his advertisement and postscript (London : W. Kettilby, 1685)
Tetractys anti-astrologica, or, the four chapters in the explanation of the grand mystery of godliness, which contain a brief but solid confutation of judiciary astrology, with annotations upon each chapter: wherein the wondrous weaknesses of John Butler, B.D. his answer called A vindication of astrology, etc. are laid open. To the view of every intelligent reader (London : J.M. for Walter Kettilby ..., 1681)
Two choice and useful treatises : the one, Lux orientalis, or, An enquiry into the opinion of the Eastern sages concerning the praeexistence of souls, being a key to unlock the grand mysteries of providence in relation to mans sin and misery [by Joseph Glanvill]. The other, A discourse of truth by the Late Reverend Dr. Rust Lord Bishop of Dromore in Ireland. With Annotations on them both [by Henry More]. (London : J. Collins, and S. Lowndes, 1682) / added author(s): Joseph Glanvill, George Rust

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