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Adams, Thomas (1586-1668)
The humble petition of the worshipful Thomas Adams, John Langham, and James Bunce, aldermen of London, presented to the Lords at their bar on Tuesday April 25. 1648. Wherein is declared their firm resolution to stand for the defence of the established laws of the land. Also their protestation against the lords jurisdiction over them or any other commoners in criminal cases. With their appeal from the Lords to their proper and competent judges (a jury of their equals) and judges sworn to proceed according to the known law of England. Together with a salva libertate by them sent to the lieutenant of the Tower, April 23. 1648. (London : J. Norris, 1648)
Allatius, Leo (c.1586-1669)  en
De ecclesiae occidentalis atque orientalis perpetua consensione libri tres, ejusdem dissertationes de dominicis et hebdomadibus Graecorum, et de missa praesanctificatorum, cum Bartholdi Nihusii ad hanc annotationibus de communione Orientali
Jodocum Kalcovium, 1648GB 
Leonis Allatii De ecclesiae occidentalis atque orientalis perpetua consensione libri tres : eiusdem Dissertationes de dominicis et hebdomadibus Graecorum, et De missa praesanctificatorum. Cum Bartoldi Nihusii ad hanc annotationibus, de communione orientalium sub specie unica (Coloniae Agrippinae : apud Iodocum Kalcovium, 1648)
Allen, Richard (c.1604-)
An antidote against heresy: or a preservative for Protestants against the poyson of Papists, Anabaptists, Arrians, Arminians, &c. and their pestilent errours. Shewing the authors of those errours, their grounds and reasons, the time when and occasion how they did arise; with general answers to their arguments taken out of holy scripture and the ancient fathers. Written to stay the wandering and stablish the weak in these dangerous times of Apostasy. (London : J. Macock, 1648)
Ames, William (1576-1633)  en de
Gviliel Amesii Medvlla theologica, vol. 2 (Apud I. Ianssonium, 1648)
Amyraut, Moïse (1596-1664)  fr en
Apologie pour ceux de la religion
Charenton : Samuel Petit, 1648IA 
Considérations sur les droits par lesquels la nature a reiglé les mariages (I. Desbordes, 1648)
Considerations sur les droits par lesquels la nature a reiglé les mariages
Saumur : Isaac Desbordes, 1648IA 
Considérations sur les droits par lesquels la nature a reiglé les mariages (Saumur, France : I. Desbordes, 1648)
Quatre Sermons sur quelques sentences de l'Ecriture [Rom. 10, 15 ; Matth. 18, 20 ; Apoc. 2, 17 ; Ps. 18, 21] (Saumur, 1648)
Specimen animadversionum in exercitationes de gratia universali
Saumur : Jean Lesnier, 1648GB 
Specimen animadversionum in Exercitationes de gratia universali ... (Salmurium, 1648)
Andrewes, Lancelot (1555-1626)
Of episcopacy : three epistles of Peter Moulin, Doctor and professor of divinity : answered by the Right Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrews, Late Lord Bishop of Winchester (London, 1648)
Apollonius, Willem (1602-1657)
Colus Vlissing-anus seu Anilis strena (1648)
Aristotle (384-322)  en
Aristotelis De Arte Rhetorica : Libri Tres Graece Et Latine / Editi Cura Christophori Schraderi (Helmaestadi[i] : Mullerus, 1648)
Arnauld, Antoine (1612-1694)  fr en
De la fréquente communion où les sentimens des Pères, des Papes et des Conciles, touchant l'usage des sacremens de Pénitence et d'Eucharistie, sont fidèlement exposez...par M. Antoine Arnauld, 6th ed. (A. Vitré, 1648)
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