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Abbadie, Jacques (c.1654-1727)  fr en
L' Art De Se Conno (La Haye : Neaulme, 1749)
L'art de se connaître soi-même ou la recherche des sources de la morale (Jean Neaulme, 1749)
L'art de se connoître soi-mesme ou la recherche des sources de la morale
La Haye : Jean Neaulme, 1749GB 
L'art de se connoître soi-mesme, ou la recherche des sources de la morale, par Jacques Abbadie (Jean Neaulme, 1749)
Allestree, Richard (c.1621-1681)  en
The Whole Duty of Man (London : John Eyre, 1749)
Amort, Eusebius (1692-1775)
Controversia de revelationibus Agredanis explicata: cum epicrisi ad ineptas earum revelationum vindicias (Veith, 1749)
Controversia de revelationibus Agredanis explicate cum epicrisi ad ineptas earum revelationum vindicias (Veith, 1749)
Annet, Peter (1693-1769)
The sequel of the resurrection of Jesus considered in answer to the Sequel to the trial [sic] of the witnesses (London : R. Rose, 1749)
Social bliss considered : in marriage and divorce; cohabiting unmarried, and public whoring : containing things necessary to be known by all that seek mutual felicity, and are ripe for the enjoyment of it; with the speech of Miss Polly Baker; and notes thereon (London : and sold by R. Rose, 1749)
Arnauld, Antoine (1612-1694)  fr en
Logica sive ars cogitandi (Venice : Thomas Bettinelli, 1749)
Logica sive ars cogitandi: in qua praeter vulgares regulas plura nova habentur ad rationem dirigendam utilia (1749)
Bate, Julius (1710-1771)  en
Michah V. 2. and Mat. II. 6. Reconciled; with Some Remarks on Dr. Hunt's Latin Oration at Oxford 1748. And Dr. Grey's Last Words of David. And David's Numbering the People. By Julius Bate, ... (James Hodges, and Mary Cooper, 1749)
Baumeister, Friedrich Christian (1709-1785)
Institutiones metaphysicae: Methodo Wolfii adornatae (1749)
Baumgarten, Siegmund Jakob (1706-1757)
Academiae Fridericianae Prorector, Sigismvnd Iacobvs Bavmgarten, S. Theol. D. Et Prof. ... Vna Cvm Directore, Cancellario Totoqve Senatv Academico, Sacra Pentecostalia, Proposita Comparatione Inter Adscensionem Eliae Et Christi, Cvm Respectv Ad Illa Ipsa Pentecostalia Sacra, Civibvs Academiae Pie Celebranda Indicit (Halae Magdeb. : Hendel, 1749)
Commentatio De Genealogia Iesv Domini / Qva Natalem Ipsivs Academiae Nomine Indixit Sigism. Iac. Bavmgarten. (Grunert, 1749)
D. Siegmund Jacob Baumgartens Auslegung des Briefes Pauli an die Römer (1749)
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