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Abbadie, Jacques (c.1654-1727)  fr en
L' Art de se connoître soi-mesme, ou la Recherche des sources de la morale, Par Jacques Abbadie (Jean Neaulme, 1741)
L'art de se connoître soi-mesme ou la recherche des sources de la morale (La Haye : Jean Neaulme, 1743)
L'art de se connoître soi-mesme, ou La recherche des sources de la morale, par Jacques Abbadie (Jean Neaulme, 1741)
Gründlicher Tractat von der Wahrheit u. Gewißheit der christl. Religion, vol. 1 (1739)
Gründlicher Tractat von der Wahrheit u. Gewißheit der christl. Religion / 1 (Leipzig, 1739)
Traité de la vérité de la religion chrétienne
Jean Neaulne, 1741GB 
Traité de la verité de la religion chrétienne: oú l'on établit la divinité de notre seigneur Jesus-Christ (Jean Neaulme, 1741)
Abernethy, John (1680-1740)  en
Discourses concerning the being and natural perfections of God, in which that first principle of religion, the existence of the deity, is prov'd, from the frame of the material world, from the animal and rational life, and from human intelligence and morality. And the divine attributes of spirituality, unity, eternity, immensity, omnipotence, omniscience, and infinite wisdom, are explain'd (Dublin : A. Reilly for J. Smith)
Vol. 1 (1740)
Vol. 2 (1740) IA 
London : H. Whitridge
Vol. 1 (1743) GB 
Vol. 2 (1743) GB 
Abicht, Johann Georg (1672-1740)  de en
Ad Celebranda Solennia Quibus Auctoritate Caesarea Et Regio Electorali Saxonica ([Vitembergae], 1739)
Diss. inaug. de summa ecclesiae verae dignitate: ad locum S. Paulli controversum I. Tim. III. c. 15 (Eichsfeldius, 1739)
Dissertatio Inavgvralis De Svmma Ecclesiae Verae Dignitate Ad Locvm S. Pavlli Controversvm I. Tim. III. c. 15. / Qvam Praeside Dn. Io. Georgio Abicht S, Theolog. Doct. Et Prof. Pvbl. ... Prid. Cal. Ivl. MDCCXXXVIIII. ... Pvblice Examinandam Proponit Avctor Responsvrvs Io. Gottfridvs Hermannvs Eccl. Ac Dioeceseos Plaviensis Past. Prim. ... (Vitembergae : Eichsfeld, 1739)
Dissertatio theologica sistens vindicias sapientiae ... divinae circa lapsum Adami (1739)
Dissertatio Theologica Sistens Vindicias Sapientiae, Bonitatis Scientiae, Ivstitiae Et Potentiae Divinae Circa Lapsvm Adami Contra Opiniones Leibnitii / Praeside Io.Georgio Abicht S. Theol. Doct. Et Profes. ... Pro Candidatvra In Theologia Obtinenda Avctore M. Io. Rvdolphvs Kiesling Ecclesiast. Et Dicacono Vitemberg. D. IX. Ivn. a. R. G. MDCCXxxix. (Vitembergae : Eichsfeld, 1739)
Einige Mängel der Leibnitzischen Philosophie, welche der Theologie zuwiderlaufen (1739)
Utrum Materia Cogitet? Disquirit Et Contra Lockium Et Voltairium Negat: Simulque Lectiones De Anima Indicit Iohan. Georg. Abicht, D.P.P. (Scheffler, 1740)
Acherley, Roger (c.1665-1740)
Reasons For Uniformity in the State : Being A Supplement To The Britannic Constitution (London : Birt, 1741)
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