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Burnet, Gilbert (1643-1715)  en
A sermon preached in the chappel of St. James's, before His Highness the Prince of Orange, the 23d of December, 1688 by Gilbert Burnet ... (London : Richard Chiswell ..., 1689)
Burnet, Thomas (1635-1715)  en
De Conflagratione Mundi, Et De Futuro Rerum Statu (Londini : Walter Kettilby; Roger Norton, 1689)
De Diluvio & Paradiso (Londini : Walter Kettilby; Roger Norton, 1689)
Cappel, Louis (1585-1658)  en
Commentarii et notae criticae in Vetus Testamentum
Blacu, 1689GB 
Amstelodamum, 1689BSB 
Chambrun, Jacques Pineton de, III (1637-1689)
The history of the persecutions of the Protestants by the French king in the principality of Orange from the year 1660 to the year 1687 with a particular account of the author's fall through the violence of the persecution (London : William Rogers and Samuel Smith, 1689)
Child, Josiah (1630-1699)
A Discourse Concerning Trade, and that in Particular of the East-Indies: Wherein Several Weighty Propositions are Fully Discussed, and the State of the East-India Company is Faithfully Stated (Andrew Sowle, 1689)
Church of Scotland
The National Covenant and Solemn League & Covenant : with the acknowledgement of sins, and engagement to duties as they were renewed at Lesmahego, March 3. 1688 with accommodation to the present times : together with an introduction touching national covenants, by way of analysis on the 29th chapter of Deuteronomy, the substance whereof, was delivered in a discourse to the people, on the preparation day, before they were renewed ([Edinburgh], 1689)
Clauberg, Johann (1622-1665)  en de
Excellentissimi ac clarissimi Johannis Claubergii ... Physica contracta ... In gratiam studiosæ juventutis ... in hanc formam redacta ... adjectisqve [sic] ad calcem tribus aut. dissertatiunculis aucta. Studio Pauli Michaelis Rhegenii (Sumpt. hæred. F. Lanckisii, 1689)
Johannis Claubergii physica contracta in qua tota rerum universitas per clara & certa principia succincte & dilucide explicatur (Lipsiae : Lanckisch, 1689)
Johannis Claubergii Specimen Logicae Cartesianae, Seu Modus Philosophandi Ubi Certa Cartesianorum Veritatem Inveniendi Via Ostenditur, & in quibusdam Novae Introductionis in Philosophiam Aulicam veritas paucis expenditur / Studio Pauli Michaelis Rhegenii. ... (Lipsiae : Lanckisius, 1689)
Physica contracta in qua tota rerum universitas per clara & certa principia succincte & dilucide explicatur (Lanckisch, 1689)
Claude, Jean (1619-1687)  en de
Les oeuvres posthumes (Amsterdam : Pierre Savouret)
Vol. 5 (1689)
A particular account of the present persecutions and inhumane oppression of the Protestants in France ([London?], 1689)
La récompense du fidèle et la condamnation des apostats: Matt. 10, 32-33 (Samuel de Tournes, 1689)
Coccejus, Johannes (1603-1669)  en nl
Lexicon et commentarius sermonis hebraici et chaldaici (1689)
Lexicon Et Commentarius Sermonis Hebraici Et Chaldaici : Utpote in qua I. Infinita menda sublata: II. Significationes numeris distinctae: III. Animadversiones breves ac subitariae, & Supplementa adiecta sunt (Francofurti ad Moenum : Wustius, 1689)
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