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Hopkins, Samuel (1721-1803)  en
Memoirs of the life of Mrs. Sarah Osborn: who died at Newport, Rhodeisland, on the second day of August, 1796. In the eighty third year of her age, 2nd ed., ed. Samuel Hopkins (Leonard Worcester., 1799)
Horne, George (1730-1792)
Discourses on several subjects and occasions. Vol. 1,2, 3rd ed.; 3,4. Vol. 1,2, [another] 3rd ed.; 3,4, 2nd ed
A letter to Adam Smith ... on the life, death, and philosophy of his friend David Hume .. (London : Rivington, 1799)
A letter to Adam Smith, LL.D. on the life, death, and philosophy of his friend David Hume, Esq. By one of the people called Christians (F. and C. Rivington, booksellers to the said Society [by Bye and Law], 1799)
Huet, Pierre-Daniel (1630-1721)
Traité de l'origine des romans
N.L.M. Desessarts, An VII, 1799GB 
Paris : N.-L.-M. Desessarts, 1799BNF 
Hume, David (1711-1776)
Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects (Dublin : J. Williams)
Vol. 1 (1799)
Vol. 2 (1799) IA 
Essays On Suicide And The Immortality Of The Soul: To Which Are Added, Two Letters On Suicide, From Rousseau's Eloisa (Basil : Decker, 1799)
Essays on suicide and the immortality of the soul. With remarks by the editor. To which are added two letters on suicide, from Rousseau's Eloisa. [Followed by] On the immortality of the soul, and a future state, by mr. Addison (Strasburgh, 1799)
Jones, William (1746-1794)
The Works of Sir William Jones
Robinson, 1799GB 
Vol. 8 (1799) GB 
Kemp, Johannes Theodorus van der (fl.1775-1801)
De Theodicée van Paulus: of, De rechtvaardigheid Gods door het Evangelium uit het geloof, aangetoond tot geloof, in eenige aanmerkingen op deszelfs Brief aan de Romeinen, vol. 1 (Blussé, 1799)
Ken, Thomas (1637-1711)  en
A Manual of Prayers for the use of the Scholars of Winchester College ... The twenty-fourth edition, etc (1799)
Klinkenberg, Jacob van Nuys (1744-1812)
Waerschouwing in de allerbelangrijkste zaek, aan mingeoeffenden en jongelieden, 8th ed., vol. 1 (1799)
Klüpfel, Engelbert, O.E.S.A. (1733-1811)
Epistola de causa dilatae editionis vitae Conr. Celtis Protucii (Felner, 1799)
Knapp, Georg Christian (1753-1825)
Beschreibung des Hallischen Waisenhauses (1799)
Le Maistre de Sacy, Isaac Louis (1613-1684)
Erklärung der Heiligen Schrift nach dem buchstäblichen und geistlichen Verstande: I. und II. Brief an die Korinther, vol. 2 (Wolff, 1799)
Mead, Matthew (1629-1699)  en
The Vision of the Wheels, Seen by the Prophet Ezekiel, Opened and Applied: Partly at the Merchant's Lecture in Broad Street, and Partly at Stepney, on January 31. 1688-9. Being the Day of ... Thanksgiving ... for the Great Deliverance of this Kingdom from Popery and Slavery, by ... the ... (1799)
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