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Du Moulin, Pierre (1568-1658)  en fr
Semaine de méditations et de prières par Pierre Du Moulin (Troyel, 1695)
Traitté de la paix de l'àme et du contentement de l'esprit (1695)
Durel, John (1625-1683)
Liturgie de l'église anglicane (1695)
Durham, James (1622-1658)
Clavis cantici oder Auslegung des hohen Lieds Salomonis : Aus dem Englischen ins Teutsche übersetzt (Leipzig, 1695)
Edwards, John (1637-1716)  en
Some thoughts concerning the several causes and occasions of atheism, especially in the present age with some brief reflections on Socinianism, and on a late book entitled, The reasonableness of Christianity as delivered in the Scriptures (London : J. Robinson ... and J. Wyat ..., 1695)
Enyedi, István (-1714)  hu
Disputatio theologica de peccati natura, propagatione atque speciebus, quam divina favente & annuente gratia sub praesidio clarissimi ac doctissimi d. Stephani Enyedi, s. s. theologiae in inclyto Transylvanorum Collegio N. Enyediensi, professoris, praeceptoris sui aetatem venerandi, publice ventillandam proponit Petrus Nádudvari ad diem, (...) Aprilis, (...) horis, locoque solitis (Claudiopoli [Kolozsvár] : ex officina Nicolai Kis de M. Tótfalu, 1695)
Erath, Augustinus (1648-1719)
Amalthea ...: Betrachtungen und Versamml. der Seel (1695)
Eyre, William (c.1612-1670)
Vindicæ Justificationis gratuitæ: Justification without Conditions; or the free Justification of a Sinner, explained, confirmed, and vindicated, from ... the assertion of conditional justification: more especially from the attempts of Mr B. Woodbridge, ... of Mr Cranford ... and of Mr ...,, 2nd ed. (1695)
Faust, Isaak (1631-1702)
Exercitatio theol. in exclamationem Apostoli: Rom. XI, 33
Pastorius, 1695GB 
Faust, Johann (1632-1695)
Exercitationum theologicarum, ad artic. I. Exeg. B., vol. 2 (Argentorati : Pastorius, 1695)
Fecht, Johann (1636-1716)
Partis II. Illustriorum Isaiae Locorum Dissertatio Quarta De Lucifero Aurorae Filio, Admirabiliter E Coelis Prolapso, Ex. Isai. XIV. v. 12 (Rostochii : Wepplingius, 1695)
Theses Ex Universa Theologia Biblica Selectae (Rostochii : Wepplingius, 1695)
Theses Ex Universa Theologia Morali Selectae
Rostochii : Wepplingius, 1695SBB 
Theses Ex Universa Theologia Patristica Selectae, Pages 1-3 (Wepplingius, 1695)
Ferguson, Robert (c.1637-1714)  en
A brief account of some of the late incroachments and depredations of the Dutch upon the English and of a few of those many advantages which by fraud and violence they have made of the British nations since the revolution, and of the means enabling them thereunto. (London?, 1695)
Whether the Parliament be not in law dissolved by the death of the Princess of Orange? and how the subjects ought, and are to behave themselves in relation to those papers emitted since by the stile and title of Acts : with a brief account of the government of England : in a letter to a country gentleman, as an answer to his second question. (London?, 1695)
Whether the preserving the Protestant religion was the motive unto, or the end that was designed in the late revolution in a letter to a country gentleman as an answer to his first query. (London, 1695)
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