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Fleming, Caleb (1698-1779)
Some thoughts upon the grounds of man's expectation of a future state, from the principles of reason. ... An epistle from a gentleman to his friend. ... By C. Fleming (Daniel Farmer, 1739)
Foster, James (1697-1753)
Heilige Reden über wichtige Glaubens- und Lebens-Lehren
Göttingen und Jena : Cuno, 1739BSB 
Sermons sur divers sujets (1739)
Frassen, Claude, O.F.M. Obs. (1620-1711)
Philosophia academica (1739)
Gerdes, Daniel (1698-1765)  en
Miscellanea Groningana in Miscellaneorum Duisburgensium continuationem publicata (Groningae : H. Spandaw)
Vol. 2, Part 1-4 (1739) [Misc. works from various Reformed authors]
Vol. 2, Part 3-4 (1739) [Misc. works from various Reformed authors] GB 
Gibson, Edmund (1669-1748)  en
Herdelyke brief van den Bisschop van Londen aan het volk van zyn Bisdom; inzonderheit aan die van de twee groote steden Londen en Westmunster: by maniere van vermaaning, tegens de Laauwheit aan de eene, en de Geestdryvery aan de andere kant (Vieroot, 1739)
Gill, John (1697-1771)  en
An answer to the Birmingham dialogue-writer's second part : upon the following subjects: the divinity of Christ, election, original sin, free-grace, free will, imputed righteousness, perserverance, and baptism : to which is added a postscript, occasioned by Mr. Henry Heywood's introduction to his translation of Dr. Whitby's Treatise of original sin (London : Aaron Ward, at the King's-Arms in Little Britain, 1739)
Goeree, Willem (1635-1711)
Het verbeetert en vermeerdert natuurlyk toverboek, of 't Nieuw speel-tooneel der konsten ... (Gysbert de Groot Keur, 1739)
Grey, Zachary (1688-1766)
An Impartial Examination of the Fourth Volume of Mr. Daniel Neal's History of the Puritans ...: With a Large Appendix of Curious Letters and Papers ... (J. Bettenham and sold by A. Bettesworth, 1739)
Groe, Theodorus van der (1705-1784)
De oude orthodoxe leer der ware Gereformeerde Kerke vertoont en voorgestelt in verscheide brieven, geschreven aan N.N. in welke: I. De ware Gereformeerde leer in vele van hare voornaamste hooftwaarheden, verklaart en bevestigt wordt uit Gods H. Woord, en uit de oude grond-formulieren ..., vol. 2 (Hendrik van Pelt, en Adrianus Douci, P-zoon, 1739)
Gronovius, Abraham (1695-1775)
Varia geographica. J. F. Gronovii dissertatio de Gothorum sede originaria adversus P. Cluverium ... Libellus provinciarum Romanarum et civitatum provinciarum Gallicarum, cum notis A. Schotti, et L. T. Gronovii ejusdemque animadversiones in Vibium Sequestrem. J. C. Hagenbachii exercitatio ... (1739)
Hale, Matthew (1609-1676)  en
The Analysis of the Law ... The Third Edition, Corrected: with the Addition of an Alphabetical Table (T. Waller, 1739)
The history of the common law of England ..., 3rd ed. (E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling, (assigns of E. Sayer) for T. Waller, 1739)
The History of the Common Law of England ... The Third Edition, Corrected (T. Waller, 1739)
Hammond, Henry (1605-1660)
Nineteen letters of the truly reverend and learned Henry Hammond, D.D. ... written to Mr. Peter Staninough and Dr. Nathanael Ingelo, many of them on very curious subjects : now first published from the originals ... and illustrated with notes (London : T. Cooper, 1739)
Hartmann, Johann Adolph (1680-1744)
De usu et abusu affectuum. Resp. Georg. Phil. Reimmann (Marburgi Cattorum : Muller, 1739)
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