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Milton, John (1608-1674)
Milton's Paradise lost: with the life of the author ; to which is prefixed the celebrated critique by Sam Johnson LLD. (C. Whittingham for T. Heptenstall, 1799)
Montesquieu, Charles-Louis de Secondat de (1689-1755)
Oeuvres complètes, vol. 7 (1799)
Ott, Johann Heinrich (c.1617-1682)
Oratio De Vera Eruditorum Gloria : Habita Occasione Promotionis Scholasticæ Die 8. Octobris 1799. (Basileæ : Flick, 1799)
Owen, John (1616-1683)  en
Salus Electorum, Sanguis Jesu, or The Death of Death in the Death of Christ: being a Treatise of the Redemption and Reconciliation, 3rd ed. (1799)
Prideaux, Humphrey (1648-1724)  en
The life of Mahomet, or, The history of that great impostor, from his birth, A.D. 571, to his death, A.D. 632: to which is added, A discourse, shewing that the gospel of Jesus Christ is no imposture, ... addressed to the Deists of the present age (E. Miller for W. Stewart, 1799)
Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804)  en
A Comparison of the institutions of Moses with those of the Hindoos and other ancient nations : with Remarks on Mr. Dupuis's Origin of all religions, the Laws and institutions of Moses methodized, and an Address to the Jews on the present state of the world and the prophecies relating to it (Northumberland : A. Kennedy, 1799)
Discourses relating to the evidence of revealed religion, vol. 3 (J. Johnson, 1799)
Reformed Church of Switzerland
La liturgie, ou La manière de célébrer le service divin, qui est établie dans les églises de la Principauté de Neuchatel et Valangin (Neuchâtel : Louis Fauche-Borel, 1799)
Saint-Pierre, Bernardin de (1737-1814)
Paul and Virginia : an Indian story (1799)
Seiler, Georg Friedrich (1733-1807)
Iesus, an miracula suis ipsius viribus ediderit, et si hoc: quid inde sequatur?: ad sacra pentecostalia ... (Kunstmann, 1799)
Vom Verhältniß des Idealismus zur Religion oder: Ist die neuste Philosophie auf dem Wege zum Atheismus? (1799)
Stapfer, Philipp Albert (1766-1840)
Entwurf der Instructionen für die neuerrichteten Erziehungsräthe, vol. 2 (1799)
Helvetische Minister der Kuenste und Wissenschaften an die Religionslehrer Helvetiens und die der Grenzkantone insbesondere, vol. 1 (1799)
Instructions pour les conseils d'éducation, nouvellement institués, vol. 1 (Henri Vincent, 1799)
Zwei Anreden, gehalten bei der feierlichen Einsetzung des Erziehungsrathes zu Luzern: den 20. Jenner 1799, vol. 1 (Gruner u. Geßner, 1799)
Teller, Wilhelm Abraham (1734-1804)
Beantwortung des Sendschreibens einiger Hausväter jüdischer Religion an mich den Probst Teller
bei August Mylius, 1799GB 
2nd ed. / Mylius, 1799GB 
Trail, Robert (1642-1716)
Sixteen sermons on the Lord's Prayer, for his people, in John XVII, 24 (Religious Tract Society, 1799)
Tucker, Josiah (1712-1799)
Union Or Separation: Written Some Years Since by the Rev. Dr. Tucker, ... and Now First Published in this Tract Upon the Same Subject. By the Rev. Dr. Clarke, ... In this Work, the Great Objections Urged at a Meeting of the Irish Bar, are Distinctly Considered and Confuted (J. Hatchard & J. Wright; Clarke; and Rivingtons)
Vol. 8 (1799)
3rd ed. / J. Hatchard & J. Wright; Clarke; and Rivingtons
Vol. 3 (1799) GB 
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