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Daneau, Lambert (c.1530-1595)  en
Physices Christianæ pars altera, siue De Rerum Creatarum Natura ... Tertia editio (Apud hæredes Eustathij Vignon, 1589)
Dent, Arthur (1553-1607)  en
A plaine exposition of the articles of our faith, by short questions and answeres for the vnderstanding of the simple gathered by A[rt]thur Dent ... ; especially for the benefit of his owne flocke, who hauing taught his people these points, is carefull that they may learne them ; to this end, that euerie of them of his charge, may be able to giue a reason of their faith. (London : ImThomas Orwin for William Yong, and Raph Iacson, and are to be sold in Paules Church-yard, at the signe of the Swanne, 1589)
Digby, Everard (c.1550-1592)
De Dvplici Methodo libri Dvo (Francofvrdi, 1589)
De Dvplici Methodo libri Dvo: Vnicam P. Rami Methodum refutantes: In Qvibvs, Via Plana, Expedita, & exacta, secundum optimos auctores, ad scientiarum cognitionem elucidatur (Wechelus, 1589)
Drusius, Joannes (1550-1616)  en nl
De litteris Moše we-K̲ālēv libri duo (1589)
De litteris Moše we-Ḵālēv libri duo (Lugdunum Batavorum, 1589)
Elizabeth I (Queen of England) (1533-1603)
Verclaringhe van doirsaecken, waer deur die van de vlote ..., beweecht zijn gheweest in haer tochte op Portugael, seeckere schepen met coren ende andere oirlochse toerustinghe, tot behoeff vanden Coninck van Spaengen inde naestlegghende landen vande Oostersche Zee ghecocht, treckende nae ... (1589)
Erastus, Thomas (1524-1583)
Explicatio gravissimae quaestionis, utrum excommunicatio ... propter admissum facinus arset. ...
Pesclavium [i.e. London] : [Wolfe], 1589BSB 
Escher, Johannes (-1606)
Nobilissimo Viro Othoni Starschedelio Heinrici Filio, ... D. Christiani Saxoniae Electoris etc. Consiliario, et Torgensis, Liebenvverdensis, et Mulbergensis Diecoeseos Praefecto, Atque Sophiae Lvcelbvrgiae, Antonii Luzelburgii: Regis Galliarum, Saxoniae Electoris D. Avgvsti, D. Vvilhelmi Friderici, et D. Iohannis Germanorum Fratrum Saxoniae Ducum Legati, et Consiliarii etc. relictae Filiae. (Erfurt : Georg d.Ä. Baumann, 1589)
Estella, Diego de, O.F.M. Obs. (1524-1578)
Dispregio Della Vanità Del Mondo (Ziletti)
Vol. 2 (1589)
Vol. 4 (1589) GB 
Faunteus, Laurentius Arturus, S.J. (1554-1591)  en
Apologia libri sui de inuocatione, ac veneratione sanctorum, contra falsas Danielis Tossani, theologiae Caluinianae professoris Heidelbergens. criminationes. Adiunctus est apologiae liber ipse, cuius defensio suscipitur, in Germania ...
Colonia Agrippina : Birckmann, 1589GB 
Finch, Henry (c.1558-1625)  en
The sacred doctrine of diuinitie gathered out of the worde of God. Togither with an explication of the Lordes prayer. (Middelburg : [Richard Schilders], 1589)
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