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Caussin, Nicolas (1583-1651)
La dama di corte, trans. Maiolino Bisaccioni (Carlo Zenero, 1652)
Domus Dei In Qva De Mirabilibvs Coeli Totaqve Astrologia, Et Vita Coelesti luculenter & copiosle disseritur: Additvr Ad Finem Ephemeris Astrologica Et Historica (Kinckius, 1652)
Effemeride astrologica et historica (Carlo Zenero, 1652)
Regnum Dei (1652)
La sapienza evangelica: per trattenimento spirituale nel sacro tempo del l'Avvento (Carlo Zenero, 1652)
Cawdry, Daniel (1588-1664)
Sabbatum redivivum: or, the Christian sabbath vindicated, in a full discourse concerning the sabbath and the Lord’s day. Wherein, whatsoever hath heen written of late, for, or against the Christian Sabbath, is exactly, but modestly examined: and the perpetuity of a sabbath deduced, from grounds of nature, and religious reason. By Dan. Cawdrey, and Herb. Palmer: members of the Assembly of Divines. The second part. Of the fourth commandment of the Decalogue in speciall. (London : Thomas Maxey, for Samuel Gellibrand, and Thomas Underhill, 1652) / added author(s): Herbert Palmer [Sabbatum redivivum appeared in four parts; the first part published in 1645, followed by this volume containing the next three parts. Based on Thomason’s dating the work was actually published in November 1651.]
A sober answer to a serious question propounded by mr. G. Firmin ... viz. Whether the ministers of England are bound by the Word of God to baptise the children of all such parents which say they believe in Jesus Christ. Which may serve also as an appendix to the diatribe with Mr. Hooker, concerning the baptisme of infants (London : Christopher Meredith, 1652) [incomplete: the end is missing]
Cebes (430-350)
Tabula vitae humanae : recte instituendae descriptionem continens (Magdeburgum : Müller, 1652) / added author(s): Daniel Clasen
Tabula: vitae humanae recte instituendae descriptionem continens (1652) / added author(s): Daniel Clasen
Cellarius, Balthasar (1614-1689)  de
De communione subutraque et parvulorum
Mullerus, 1652GB 
Helmstadium : Mullerus, 1652BSB 
De ordine seu ministerio ecclesiastico (Mullerus, 1652)
De sacrificio Missae (Mullerus, 1652)
Disputatio Decima De Sacrificio Missae / Quam ... Praeside Balthasare Cellario ... Publice examinandam proponit Andreas Frölingius ... Ad diem IIX. Maii (Helmestadi[i] : Henning Müller, 1652)
Disputatio Nona De Communione Subutraque Et Parvulorum / Quam ... Sub Praesidio Balthasaris Cellarii ... Examinandam Proponit Petrus Otto Heisius Hannoveranus Ad diem XI. Febr. (Helmestadi[i] : Henning Müller, 1652)
Disputatio Theologica De Libero Arbitrio / Quam ... Sub Praesidio Balthasaris Cellarii SS. Theol. D. Et Prof. Publ. Ordin. Nec Non Superintendentis In Illustri Iulia D. Octobris Examinandam Proponit Johannes Friedericus Meyer Cellensis (Helmestadi[i] : Henning Müller, 1652)
Disputatio Undecima De Ordine Seu Ministerio Ecclesiastico / Quam ... Praeside Balthasare Cellario ... Publice examinandam proponit M. Heinricus Walmius Goslariensis Ad diem XIV. Iulii (Helmestadi[i] : Henning Müller, 1652)
Seliger Außgang des vielen Leydens so die Gerechten nach dem Willen Gottes allhie außstehen müssen : Aus dem XXXIV. Psalm 20/21/22/23. Bey ansehnlicher und Volckreicher Begräbnis Des Weiland WolEhrwürdigen und Hochgelarten Herren Statii Fabricii SS. Th. D. und P.P. Ordinarii, wie auch Consistorial Raths und Generalissimi Superintendentis in dem Fürstenthumb Halberstadt item Abts des Klosters Amlungsburg Welcher zu Helmstädt den 27. Maij A. 1651. in dem Herrn selig entschlaffen und darauff den 8 Junij mit Christlichen Ceremonien in der S. StephansKirchen allhier beygesetzet worden Zu betrachten fürgestellet / Von Balthasare Cellario, der H. Schrifft D. P.P. und Superintendente (Helmstadt : Henning Müller, 1652)
Chalvet, Hyacinthe, O.P. (1605-1683)
Theologus ecclesiastes ...: tomus primus ... (Tolosae : apud Raymundum Bosc, 1652)
Cheynell, Francis (1608-1665)  en
The beacon flameing with a non obstante: or A justification of the firing of the beacon,:by way of animadversion upon the book entituled the beacon's quenched, subscribed by Col. Pride, &c. (London : Abraham Miller, and published by the Subscribers of the Beacon set on fire, 1652)
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