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Mendelssohn, Moses (1729-1786)
[ Jewish ]
Moses Mendelssohn's gesammelte schriften (Leipzig : F.A. Brockhaus)
Vol. 2 (1843)
Vol. 4 (1843) IA 
Vol. 5 (1843) IA 
Vol. 6 (1843) IA 
Neal, Daniel (1678-1743)  en
The History of the Puritans, Or Protestant Non-conformists: From the Reformation Under King Henry VIII, to the Act of Toleration Under King William and Queen Mary: with an Account of Their Principles, Their Attempts for a Further Reformation in the Church; and the Lives and Characters of Their ... (Harper, 1843)
The history of the Puritans, or Protestant nonconformists; from the reformation in 1517, to the revolution in 1688; comprising an account of their principles; their attempts for a farther reformation in the church; their sufferings; and the lives and characters of their most considerable divines (New York : Harper & brothers)
Vol. 1 (1843)
Vol. 2 (1843) IA 
Nelson, Robert (1656-1715)
A companion for the festivals and fasts of the Church of England; with collects and prayers for each solemnity (Oxford : J. Vincent for Thomas Tegg, 1843)
Pallavicino, Sforza (1607-1667)  en it
Lettere del cardinale Sforza Pallavicino: edizione corretta e accresciuta sopra I. Mss. Casanatensi, Volumes 1-2 (Tipografia Della Societa 'editrice Romana, 1843)
Pearson, John (1613-1686)
An exposition of the Creed, 2nd ed., ed. Edward Burton (University Press, 1843)
Penry, John (1559-1593)
An Epistle to the Terrible Priests of the Convocation House, Issue 3, 2nd ed. (J. Petheram, 1843)
An Epitome of the First Book of Dr. John Bridges' Defence of the Government of the Church of England in Ecclesiastical Matters, Issue 2
J. Petheram, 1843GB 
An epitome of the first book of dr. John Bridges' Defence of the government of the Church of England, re-pr. from the black letter ed. (Oh read ouer d. Iohn Bridges) with an intr. and notes [by J. Petheram]. (Puritan discipline tracts)., ed. John Petheram (John Petheram, 1843)
Pinto, Hector (1528-1584)
Imagem da vida Christam, ordenada por dialogos como membros de sua composicam (Na typographia Rollandiana)
Vol. 1 (1843)
Vol. 2 (1843) GB 
Poole, Matthew (c.1624-1679)  en
Dialogue between a Popish priest and an English Protestant : wherein the principal points and arguements of both religions are truly proposed, and fully examined (Philadelphia : Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1843)
Dialogue Between a Popish Priest and an English Protestant: Wherein the Principal Points and Arguments of Both Religions are Truly Proposed, and Fully Examined (Presbyterian Board of Publications, 1843)
Reid, Thomas (1710-1796)  en
Essays on the active powers of the human mind ; An inquiry into the human mind on the principles of common sense ; and An essay on quantity (London : Tegg, 1843)
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