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Fludd, Robert (1574-1637)  en
Anatomiae amphitheatrvm effigie triplici, more et conditione varia, designatvm, vol. 2 (Francofurti : Sumptibus Iohannis Theodori de Bry, 1623)
Sectionis primae portio tertia de anatomia triplici: in partes tres divisa (1623)
Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris (Oppenhemii; Oppenheimii; Francofurti; Francofurti; Francofurti : De Bry; Galler; Bry; Rötelius; Kempfferus, 1623)
Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris metaphysica, physica atque technica historia : in duo volumina divisa, vol. 2 (Francofurti, 1623)
Fonseca, Pedro da, S.J. (1528-1599)
Institutiones dialecticae : libri octo (Colonia, 1623)
Institutiones dialecticae. Qvibvs Accesservnt Eivsdem Authoris Isagoge Philosophica, Definitiones, Divisiones ac Regulae, ex Logica et Physica Aristotelis : Cum librorum Argumentis, Indice copiosissimo capitum & rerum (Coloniae : Cholinus, 1623)
PETRI FONSECAE Societatis IESV, INSTITVTIONVM DIALECTICARVM: LIBRI OCTO, QVIBVS ACCESSERVNT EIVSDEM Authoris Isagoge Philosophica, Definitiones, Divisiones ac Regulae, ex Logica & Physica Aristotelis. Cum librorum Argumentis, Indice copiosissimo capitum & rerum (Apvd Petrvm Cholinvm, 1623)
Francius, Johannes (fl.1623-1625)
De Philosophia Naturali In Genere: h.e. De Definitione, Subiecto Et Constitutione Physices, Exercitatio I. (Francofurti : Kochius, 1623)
Fröreisen, Isaac (1589-1632)
Anatomia s. exenteratio draconis fanatici: h. e. Index et iudex errorum noviter enatorum (Argentorati, 1623)
Galilei, Galileo (1564-1642)
Il saggiatore nel quale conbilancia esquisita e giusta si ponderano le cose contenute nella libra astronomica e filosofica di Lotario / Galileo Galilei (In Roma : appresso Giacomo Mascardi, 1623)
Gataker, Thomas (1574-1654)  en
A good vvife Gods gift and, a vvife indeed. Tvvo mariage sermons. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith. (London : Iohn Hauiland for Fulke Clifton, 1623)
A iust defence of certaine passages in a former treatise concerning the nature and vse of lots, against such exceptions and oppositions as have beene made thereunto to Mr. I.B. Wherein the insufficiencie of his answers giuen to the arguments brought in defence of a lusorious lot is manifested; the imbecillitie of his arguments produced against the same further discouered; and the point it selfe in controuersie more fully cleared; by Thomas Gataker B. of D. and author of the former treatise. (London : Iohn Haviland for Robert Bird, and are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the Bible in Cheapside, 1623)
the ioy of the iust vvith the signes of such. A discourse tending to the comfort of the deiected and afflicted; and to the triall of sinceritie. Being the enlargement of a sermon preached at Black-Friers London; on Psal. 95. 11. By Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor of Rotherhith. (London : Iohn Hauiland for Fulke Clifton dwelling on New-Fish-street Hill at the signe of the Lambe, 1623)
Two sermons tending to direction for Christian cariage [sic] both in afflictions incumbent, and in judgements imminent : the former on Psalm 13.1, the latter on Hebr. 11.7 (London : Iohn Haviland, 1623)
Gerhard, Johann (1582-1637)  en de
Schola pietatis: liber III. (1623)
Scholae Pietatis Liber ... Das ist/ Christlicher und heilsamer Unterrichtung/ was für Ursachen einen jeden wahren Christen zur Gottseligkeit bewegen sollen/ auch welcher gestalt er sich an derselben uben soll, vol. 5 ([Jena] : Steinman, 1623)
Giles of Rome, O.E.S.A. (1243-1316)
Fr. Aegidii Columnae Romani... in tertium librum Sententiarum eruditissima commentaria cum quaestionibus ... studio... P. F. Fulgentii Galluccii... nunc primum typis deprompta..., ed. Fulgenzio Gallucci (Romae : A. Zanetti, 1623)
In tertium librum sententiarium erudissima commentaria cum quaestionibus : accesserunt quoque breves resolutiones in fronte cuius libet articuli, annotationes marginales, scholia, citationes doctorum, & quod praecipuum est, supplementum totius operis, quod desiderabatur a distinctione 12 usque a 40 ex variis euisdem authoris editis libris exerceptum... (Romae : ex typographiaAlexandri Zannetti, 1623)
In tertium librum sententiarum
Romae : Ex typographia Alexandri Zanetti, 1623GB 
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