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Bengel, Johann Albrecht (1687-1752)  en de
Doctor Bengels, Magister Christliebs und Doctor Martin Luthers gründliche Beurtheilung des Zeitpuncts darin wir nach der Offenbarung Johannis gegenwärtig leben, etc (1793)
Bennet, Benjamin (c.1674-1726)  en
Discourses on the credibility of the Scriptures : in which the truth, inspiration, and usefulness of the Scriptures are asserted and proved (New-Brunswick : A. Blauvelt, 1795)
Bérenger, Jean Pierre (1740-1807)
Histoire des derniers Sems de la République de Génève (1801)
Histoire des derniers tems de la république de Genève, et de sa réunion à la France (1801)
Bernard, Richard (bap.1568-1642)  en
The Isle of Man, or, The legal proceedings in Manshire against sin: wherein, by way of a continued allegory, the chief malefactors disturbing both church and commonwealth, are detected and attached ; with their arraignment and judicial trial, according to the laws of England ... (and for Richard Edwards, 1803)
Bernoulli, Jakob (1654-1705)
The doctrine of permutations and combinations: being an essential and fundamental part of the doctrine of chances; as it is delivered by Mr. James Bernoulli, in his excellent treatise on the doctrine of chances, intitled, Ars conjectandi, and by the celebrated Dr. John Wallis, of Oxford, in a ..., ed. Francis Maseres
ed. Francis Maseres (Sold by B. and J. White, 1795)GB 
Berti, Giovanni Lorenzo, O.E.S.A. (1696-1766)
De theologicis disciplinis: Nunc primum 10 voluminibus comprehensum...Necnon Supplementum, sive De logis theologicis libros X Hieronymi Mariae Buzi...complectens (Remondini-Bassano, 1792)
Jo. Laurentii Berti ... opus de theologicis disciplinis & integra adversariorum opuscula. Nec non supplementum, sive de locis theologicis libros x. H.M. Buzii complectens (1792)
Bertius, Joannes Laurentius, O.E.S.A. (1696-1766)
De theologicis disciplinis: Nunc primum 10 voluminibus comprehensum...Necnon Supplementum, sive De logis theologicis libros X Hieronymi Mariae Buzi...complectens (Remondini-Bassano, 1792)
Biandrata, Giorgio (1515-1588)
Procancellarivs Henricvs Philippvs Conradvs Henke Theologiae Ac Philosophiae Doctor Monasterii Ad S. Michaelis Lapidem Abbas ... Ioannem Gottlob Marezoll Ecclesiae Germanorvm Hafniae Ad S. Petri Aedem Congregatae Pastorem Doctorem Theologiae A. D. V Maii A. C. MDCCLXXXXIIII. Rite Creatvm ... (C. G. Fleckeisen, 1794)
Bilfinger, Georg Bernhard (1693-1750)
Georgii Bernhardi Bilfingeri Quondam Geometra - Philosophi Per Europam Celeberrimi De Progressionibus Localibus Commentatio Inedita : Quam Praemissa Illustris Auctoris Vita Edidit Johannes Carolus Frididericus Hauff,Artium Liberalium Magister, Philosophiae Doctor Et In Academia Marburgensi Mathematum Ac Physices Lector. (Lipsiae, 1794)
Blackburne, Francis (1705-1787)
The works, theological and miscellaneous-- of Francis Blackburne: with some account of the life and writings of the author by himself, vol. 1 (B. Flower, 1804)
Blackmore, Richard (1654-1726)  en
Creation. A Philosophical Poem (Philadelphia : R. Johnson, 1806)
Poetical works : containing Creation, a philosophical poem in seven books, to which is prefixed the life of the author
Edinburgh : Mundell and son, 1793IA 
London : Cooke, 1797IA 
Blair, Hugh (1718-1800)  en
Sermons, vol. 1 (London : printed, Baltimore rethe Rev. M.L. Weems, by Samuel and John Adams ..., 1792)
Sermons. To which is prefixed a short account of the life and character of the author by James Finalyson, vol. 2 (London : T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1807)
Blau, Felix (1754-1798)
Kritik der seit der Revolution in Frankreich gemachten Religions Verordnungen auf reine Prinzipien des Staats und Kirchenrechts gegründet / von F. Blau (Straßburg : Her F. G. Levrault, Buchdrucker und Buchhändler, 1797)
Bochart, Samuel (1599-1667)
Hierozoicon Sive De Animalibus S. Scripturae / 1 (Lipsiae, 1793)
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