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Barrow, Isaac (1630-1677)  en
Of industry, in five discourses viz. in general, in our general calling as Christians, in our particular calling as gentlemen, in our particular calling as scholars (London : J.H. for Brab. Aylmer ..., 1693)
Practical discourses upon the consideration of our latter end, and the danger and mischief of delaying repentance by Isaac Barrow ... (London : J.H. for B. Aylmer ..., 1694)
Basnage, Benjamin (1580-1652)
La communion sainte, 3rd ed. (1693)
Basnage, Jacques (1653-1723)
Dissertationes historico-theologicae (Rotterdam : Petrus vander Slaart, 1694)
Basnage, Samuel (1638-1721)
De rebus sacris & ecclesiasticis exercitationes historico-criticae: in quibus Cardinalis Baronii Annales, ab anno Christi 35, in quo Casaubonus desiit, expenduntur: tum & multa adversus Bellarminum, Lightfootum, Pagium ... & emendantur (ex officina Guillielmi vande Water, 1692)
De rebus sacris et ecclesiasticis exercitationes historico-criticae
Bates, William (1625-1699)  en
A funeral-sermon for the reverend, holy and excellent divine, Mr. Richard Baxter who deceased Decemb. 8, 1691 : with an account of his life (London : Brab. Aylmer ..., 1692)
A funeral-sermon for the Reverend, holy and excellent divine, Mr. Richard Baxter, who deceased Decemb. 8, 1691 : with an account of his life (London : Brab. Aylmer, 1692)
A Funeral-sermon for the Reverend, Holy and Excellent Divine, Mr. Richard Baxter: Who Deceased Decemb. 8. 1691. With an Account of His Life (Brab. Aylmer, 1692)
A sermon preached upon the much lamented death of our late gracious sovereign Queen Mary to which is added The address of condolence to His Majesty by the dissenting ministers (London : Brabazon Aylmer ..., 1695)
Sermons preach'd on several occasions (London : J.D. for J. Robinson, 1693)
Sermons preach'd on several occasions by William Bates. (London : J.D. for Jonathan Robinson, 1693)
Sermons upon Psalm CXXX, ver. 4 but there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayst be feared (London : J.D. for Brabazon Aylmer, 1696)
The upright Christian discovered by keeping himself from his iniquity, and resignation to the divine will. By way of question and answer. Gathered out of the judicious treatises of William Bates, D.D. (London : Jonathan Robinson, at the Golden Lion in St. Paul's Church Yard, 1693)
Battier, Samuel (1667-1744)
Hypomnemata de eloquentia / quae cum annexis aliis ... vacante Profess. Rhet. Speciminis loco Ad d. 11. Dec. publice proponit Samuel Battierius Philos. & Med. D. respondente ... Io. Rodolpho Hardero, J.Jac.F. Basil. d. 14. Dec. ... publica lectione docebit (Basileae : Literis Jo. Jacobi Battierii, 1696)
Baudis, Andreas (1557-1615)
Rahel und Joseph in einem Grabe: : Die ... Rahel-ähnelnde ... Fr. Sophia Charlotte Freyin Skrbenßkin/ gebohrne von Rößler: So zu Parchwitz a. MDCLXV. D. XI. Febr. glücklichst entsprossen: In Liegnitz a. MDCLXXXIV. D. XX. Sept. ... Vermählt an den ... Herren Maximilian Erdman Skrbenßky/ Frey-Herrn von Hrzistie ... Nun aber ... Durch all-zu-frühen und herben ... Tod: Nach dehm Sie die enge Frist ihrer Ruhm-würdigst gelebten Xxix Jahr/ 11. Monat und 11. Tage so Christ-eivrigst beobachtet ... Ward nach deren sanfften Gewehrung a. MDCXCIV. D. X. April. Nebst dero Aelteren/ In XIII. Tagen nach-sterbenden Herrlin/ Carl Erdman/ dessen Alter V. Jahr VII. Monat; mit viel tausend Thränen hier(=mit) bestattet ... / Zum Andencken Dehrer/ Die Sie nicht gedencken können/ Im verlangten Druck darreichen ... M. Andr. Baudiß/ Der Ober-Kirchen in Liegnitz Archi-Diaconus (Liegnitz : Wätzoldt, 1694)
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
The Christian's converse with God : or, The insufficiency and uncertainty of human friendship and the improvement of solitude in converse with God .. (London : John Salusbury, 1693)
The Christians converse with God, or, The insufficiency and uncertainty of human friendship and the improvement of solitude in converse with God with some of the author's breathings after him (London : John Salusbury ..., 1693)
Dattodiad y qwestiwn mawr, beth sydd raid i ni ei wneuthur fel y byddom gadwedig.: Athrawiaethau i fuchedd sanctaidd. (Printiedig yn Llundain : gan Tho. Whitledge a W. Everingham, 1693)
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