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Ames, William (1576-1633)  en de
An analyticall exposition of both the epistles of the Apostle Peter illustrated by doctrines out of every text and applyed by their uses for a further progresse in holinesse (London : E.G. for Iohn Rothwell ..., 1641)
Guiliel Amesii Medulla theologica
apud Ioannem Ianssonium, 1641GB 
Apud Ioannem Ianßonium, 1641GB 
Amyraut, Moïse (1596-1664)  fr en
De l'élévation de la foy et de l'abaissement de la raison en la créance des mystères de la religion (Saumur : Jean Lesnier, 1641)
Doctrinae Joannis Calvini, de absolutio reprobationis decreto, defensio. Adversus scriptorem anonymum
Salmurii, 1641GB 
Doctrinae Joannis Calvini, De Absoluto Reprobationis Decreto, Defensio (Salmvrii, 1641)
Arnauld, Antoine (1612-1694)  fr en
Extrait de quelques erreurs et impiétés contenues dans un livre intitulé : (1641)
Arnisaeus, Henning (1580-1636)
Disquisitiones de partus humani legitimis terminis. Ejusdemque observationes & controversiae anatomicae (Joh. Dav. Zunnerus, 1641)
Henningi Arnisaei ... Disquisitiones de partus humani legitimis terminis. Ejusdemque observationes & controversiae anatomicae (Apud Joannem Davidem Zunnerum, 1641)
Aston, Thomas (1600-1646)
A remonstrance against Presbitery : exhibited by divers of the nobilitie, gentrie, ministers and inhabitants of the County Palatine, of Chester with the motives of that remonstrance ... together with a short survey of the Presbyterian discipline .. (London : Iohn Aston, 1641)
Two petitions to the honorable court of parliament in behalfe of episcopacy : one delivered by Sir T. Aston ... the other from the cities of L. and W (London, 1641)
Austin, Benjamin (fl.1641-1650)
The presumptuous man's mirrour, or, A watch bell to rouze up a secure sinner out of his sleep of security .. (London : G.M. for George Edwards, 1641)
Bacon, Francis (1561-1626)  en
Cases of treason .. (London, Printed by the assignes of J. More : and are to be sold by M. Walbancke and W. Coke, 1641)
The historie of the reigne of King Henry the Seventh ... Whereunto is now added a very usefull and necessary table (London : R.Y. and R.H. and are sold by R. Meighen, 1641)
A speech delivered by Sir Francis Bacon, in the lower House of Parliament quinto Iacobi, concerning the article of naturalization of the Scottish nation (London : London, 1641)
A wise and moderate discourse concerning church-affaires ([London], 1641)
A wise and moderate discourse, concerning church-affaires: As it was written, long since, by the famous authour of those considerations, which seem to have some reference to this. Now published for the common good.. (1641)
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