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Arnauld, Antoine (1612-1694)  fr en
De la Fréquente Communion où les Sentimens des Pères, des Papes et des Conciles, touchant l'usage des sacremens de Pénitence et d'Eucharistie, sont fidèlement exposez... par M. Antoine Arnauld, 7th ed. (P. Le Petit, 1656)
Augustine, Aurelius (354-430)
D. Aurel. Augustini Episc. Hipponens. De Mundi Vanitate Et Aeterna Coelestique Felicitate aurea & augusta Monita : Quibus piorum animos in illius odia & huius desideria non tam ducere quam rapere summo annititur studio (Magdeburgi : Mullerus, 1656)
Ball, John (1585-1640)  en
A short treatise containing all the principal grounds of Christian religion : by way of questions and answers, very profitable for all sorts of men, but especially for householders ; Whereunto are added several questions by the reverend authors own pen to clear the exposition .. (London : John Wright, 1656)
Barlaeus, Caspar (1584-1648)  en nl
Iacobi Catsii Eq. &c. faces Augustae (Johannes Elsevirius, 1656)
Baro, Bonaventura, O.F.M. (-1696)
Panegyrici Sacro-Prophani, Necnon Controversiae Et Stratagemata ... (Lvgdvni : Huguetan, 1656)
Baronio, Cesare (1538-1607)
Annales Ecclesiastici (Rome : Vitale Mascardi)
Vol. 1 (1656)
Vol. 3 (1656) GB 
Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
Gildas Salvianus, the reformed pastor shewing the nature of the pastoral work, especially in private instruction and catechizing : with an open confession of our too open sins : prepared for a day of humiliation kept at Worcester, Decemb. 4, 1655 by the ministers of that county, who subscribed the agreement for catechizing and personal instruction at their entrance upon that work (London : Robert White, for Nevil Simmons ...and are to be sold by William Roybould ..., 1656)
Gildas Salvianus; The first Part: i.e. The reformed pastor. Shewing the nature of the pastoral work, especially the private instruction and catechizing. With an open Confession of our too open Sins (London : Robert White, 1656)
Plain Scripture proof of infants church-membership and baptism, 4th ed. (London : T.U.F.T., 1656)
The Reformed Pastor, Showing the Nature of the Pastoral Work ... Reprinted from the Edition of 1656, with an Appendix Afterwards Added (T. Ward & Company, 1656)
Three treatises tending to awaken secure sinners by Richard Baxter. ([London] : To be sold by John Rothwell ..., 1656)
Berlich, Matthias (1586-1638)
Decisiones Aureae / 1 (Lipsiae, 1656)
Matthiae Berlichii ... Decisiones aureae, casus admodum pulchros controversos & utiles continentes, usu practico, & quotidiana experienta observatae & conscriptae: nunc tertium editae (Sumptibus Viduae Gothofredi Grossi, 1656)
Bermingham, Francis, O.F.M. (fl.1652-)
Primam partem Sacre Theologie de Deo uno et trino, iuxta Angelici Doctoris methodum et Doctoris subtilis Ioannis Duns Scoti mentem. Fr. Franciscus Bermingham Galuiensis Hybernus .. (apud Hæredes Colinii, 1656)
Bernard, Nicholas (-1661)
The life & death of the Most Reverend and Learned Father of our Church Dr. James Usher: Late Arch-Bishop of Armagh, and Primate of all Ireland. Published in a Sermon at his Funeral at the Abby of Westminster, Aprill 17. 1656. And now re-viewed with some other Enlargements (London : E. Tyler, 1656)
The life and death of the Most Reverend and Learned Father of our Church, Dr. James Usher, late Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland : published in a sermon at his funeral at the Abby of Westminster, April 17, 1656, and now re-viewed with some other enlargements (London : E. Tyler, 1656)
Besoldus, Christopher (1577-1638)  en de
Christliche und erhebliche Motiven, warumb Christoff Besold ... darfür gehalten ..., daß der recht und einig seeligmachende Glaub allein in der Römisch Catholischen Kirchen anzutreffen ...
Ingolstadt, 1656BSB 
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