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Goclenius, Rudolph, Jr (1572-1621)
Tractatus physicus [et] medicus de sanorum diaeta, seu De septem rebus, non naturalibus aere: cibo [et] potu, somnu [et] vigilia, motu [et] quiete, perturbationibus, excretus [et] retendis : cum app. praecipuorum corporis humani morborum [et] symptomatum (typis Ioannis Friderici Weis, 1645)
Tractatus physicus et medicus de sanorum diaeta (Francofurt. a. M., 1645)
Goodwin, John (c.1594-1665)  en
Calumny arraign'd and cast. Or A briefe answer to some extravagant and rank passages, lately fallen from the pen of William Prynne, Esquire,:in a late discourse, entituled, Truth triumphing over falshood, &c. against Mr John Goodwin, Minister of the Gospel. Wherein the loyall, unfeigned and unstained affection of the said John Goodwin to the Parliament, and civill magistracie, is irrefragably and fully vindicated and asserted against those broad and unchristian imputations, most untruly suggested in the said discourse against him. By the said John Goodvvin. Licensed entered and printed according to order. (London : M. Simmons for Henry Overton, and are to be sold at his shop in Popes-head-Alley, 1645)
Innocency and truth triumphing together; or, The latter part of an answer to the back-part of a discourse, lately published by William Prynne Esquire, called, A full reply, &c.:Beginning at the foot of p. 17. of the said discourse, with this title or superscription, Certain brief animadversions on Mr. John Goodwins Theomachia. Wherein the argumentative part of the said animadversions is examined; together with some few animadversions upon some former passages in the said reply. Licensed and printed according to order. (London : Matthew Simmons, for Henry Overton, at his shop in Popes-head-Alley, 1645)
Goodwin, Thomas (1600-1680)  en
Christ set forth in his Death, Resurrection, Ascension, sitting at Gods Right Hand, Intercession; as the Cause of Justification, Object of Justifying Faith. [Based on Romans VIII. 34.] Together with a Treatise discovering the Affectionate Tendernesse of Christs Heart now in Heaven ... (Robert Dawlman)
Vol. 1 (1645)
Vol. 2 (1645) GB 
Encouragements to faith:Drawn from severall engagements both of Gods Christs heart to receive pardon sinners. By Tho: Goodwin, B.D. (London : R. Dawlman, 1645)
Gouge, William (1575-1653)  en
Mercies memorial set out in a sermon preached in Paul's church, Novemb. 17, 1644, in memoriall of the great deliverance which England had from antichristian bondage by Queen Elizabeths attaining the crowne (London : George Miller for Ioshua Kirton ..., 1645)
The progresse of divine providence,: set out in a sermon preached in the Abbey Church of Westminster before the house of Peers, on the 24th of September, 1645. being the day of their monethly fast. (London : G.M. for Ioshua Kirton next Goldsmiths-hall in Foster-lane, 1645)
Gregory of Nazianzus (c.330-390)
S. Gregorii Nazianzeni Cognomento Theologi Aporr¯eta Seu Arcana Cum Graeca Paraphrasi Antehac quidem semel ac Graece saltem e Reipubl. Augustanae Bibliotheca (Lipsiae : Ritzschius, 1645)
Grotius, Hugo (1583-1645)  en nl
Dissertationes de studiis instituendis (1645)
Grotius testament of hooftpunten getrocken wt sijn jongste antwoort aen D. Rivet. Pag. 28. Godt liet wel toe, dat te Rome en elders de zeden bedorven wierden : maer door Godts bestieringhe werdt daer noyt de leere bedorven, die tegen dese quade zeden selfs strijdigh is. Pag. 255. De Protestanten ... (Gerusthart de Wit, 1645)
Hug. Grotii Poemata omnia (Apud Hieronymum de Vogel, 1645)
Hug. Grotii Poemata, omnia
Apud Hieronymum de Vogel, 1645GB 
Hieronymus de Vogel, 1645GB 
Rivetiani apologetici pro schismate contra votum pacis facti Discussio (Irenopoli [i.e. Amsterdam] : Hesychius Candidus, 1645)
Rivetiani apologetici, pro schismate contra votum pacis facti, discussio
Irenopoli [i.e. Amsterdam] : apud Hesychium Candidum, 1645GB 
Gueinz, Christian (1592-1650)
Pallas ditata, seu de discentium stipendiis (Oelschlegelius, 1645)
Praefica Romana, sive de funeribus Romanorum disquisitio (Oelschlegel, 1645)
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