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Vossius, Gerhard Johann (1577-1649)
De historicis Graecis libri tres
Lipsia, 1838BSB 
De historicis graecis libri tres. Auctiores et emmendatiores edidit Antonius Westermann, vol. 6 (Lipsiae Sumptum fecit Libraria Dykiana, 1838)
Gerardi Ioannis Vossii de historicis Graecis libri tres (Libraria Dyckiana, 1838)
Gerardi Ioannis Vossii De historicis graecis libri tres (sumptum fecit Libraria Dykiana, 1838)
Gerardi Ioannis Vossii De historicis Graecis libri tres, auctiores et emendatiores ed. A. Westermann, ed. Anton Westermann (1838)
Watson, Thomas (c.1620-1686)  en
A body of practical divinity: consisting of above one hundred and seventy six sermons on the lesser catechism, composed by the reverend assembly of divines at Westminster. With a supplement of some sermons, on several texts of Scripture: together with The art of divine contentment. To which is added, Christ's various fulness (Aberdeen, 1838)
Spiritual life delineated; with the detection and exposure of some of the popular errors of the day (1838)
Watts, Isaac (1674-1748)  en
A short view of the whole scripture history: with a continuation of the Jewish affairs, from the Old Testament till the time of Christ : and an account of the chief prophecies that relate to Him : represented in a way of question and answer (Longman, Orme, and Co., 1838)
Werdm├╝ller, Otto (1511-1552)
A spiritual and most precious pearl: teaching all men to love and embrace the cross ... (London : T.C. Johns, 1838)
Whitefield, George (1714-1770)
Memoirs of Rev. George Whitefield
Hunt & Noyes, 1838GB 
Woltersdorf, Ernst Gottlieb (1725-1761)
Abendstunde gehalten im Bunzlauer Waisenhause am dritten Osterfeiertage ├╝ber den Blick in's ewige Leben (Wagner, 1838)
Woolman, John (1720-1772)
[ Quaker ]
A journal of the life and travels of John Woolman: in the service of the gospel, 3rd ed. (Schools of Industry, 1838)
Zwingli, Ulrich (1484-1531)  en de
Opera, ed. Johann Melchior Schuler (Zurich : F. Schulthess)
Vol. 6, Part 1 (1838)
Vol. 6, Part 2 (1838) GB 
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