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Nieremberg, Juan Eusebio, S.J. (1595-1658)
Vida del glorioso patriarcha San Ignacio de Loyola fundador de la Compañia de Iesus (en la imprenta del Reyno, 1636)
Pagett, Ephraim (1574-1646)  en
Christianographie, or The description of the multitude and sundry sorts of Christians in the world, not subiect to the Pope : VVith their vnitie, and how they agree with the Protestants in the principall points of difference betweene them and the Church of Rome.
London : W.J. and N.O. for Matthew Costerden, 1636IA 
Palissy, Bernard (c.1510-1590)
Le moyen de devenir riche et la manière veritable, par laquelle tous les hommes de la France pourront apprendre à multiplier ... leurs thresors (1636)
Paré, Ambroise (1510-1590)   
De chirurgie, ende alle de opera, ofte wercken van Mr. Ambrosius Paré ... Nu eerst uyt de Françoysche, in onse ghemeyne Nederlandtsche spraecke, ende uyt de vierde editie, ghetrouwelijck overgeset: door D. Carolum Battum. ... Met alle de figueren, soo wel der anatomien als van de instrumenten ...
Amsterdam : Cornelis van Breugel, 1636GB 
De chirurgie, ende opera van alle de wercken van Mr. Ambrosius Paré Raedt ende opperste chirurgijn van vier koningen in Vranckrijck. Wt de Françoysche inde Nederlandtsche sprake, uyt de vierde editie ghetrouwelijck overgeset door D. Carolum Battum, Medicijn ordinaris der stadt ..., vol. 1 (wed. van Matthijs Bastiaensz, boeckverkooper#op't Steygher in Josephus#, 1636)
Pasqualigo, Zaccaria, S.J. (-1664)
Disputationes metaphysicae / 2 : In qua de Passionibus Obiecti Primae Philosophiae disseritur, et Principia Scholasticae doctrinae stabiliuntur (Romae : Caballi, 1636)
Disputationes metaphysicae... (1636)
Petavius, Dionysius, S.J. (1583-1652)  en fr
Rationarium temporum: in partes duas libros tredecim tributum : In quo aetatum omnium sacra profanaque historia chronologicis probationibus munita summatim traditur, vol. 1 (Cramoisy, 1636)
Postel, Guillaume (1510-1581)
De cosmographica disciplina et signorum coelestium vera configuratione libri II (Joan. Maire, 1636)
Guillel. Postelli De cosmographica disciplina et Signorum cslestium vera configuratione libri 2. Ex museo Joan. Balesdens in principe senatu advocati (ex officina Joan. Maire, 1636)
Preston, John (1587-1628)  en
The doctrine of the saints infirmities. Delivered in severall sermons by John Preston Doctor in Divinity, Mr. of Emanuel-Colledge in Cambridge. And late preacher of Lincolnes Inne. (London : Nich. and Iohn Okes for Hen. Taunton, and are to be sold at his shop in St. Dunstans Church-yard in Fleet-street, 1636)
Prideaux, John (1578-1650)  en
Christ's counsell for ending law cases : as it has beene delivered in two sermons upon the five and twentieth verse of the fifth of Matthew (Oxford : ImLeonard Lichfield, 1636)
Primrose, David (c.1600-c.1665)
A Treatise of the Sabbath and the Lords-day: Distinguished Into Foure Parts, Wherein is Declared Both the Nature, Originall, and Observation, as Well of the One Under the Old, as of the Other Under the New Testament, trans. Gilbert Primrose
trans. Gilbert Primrose (London : Richard Badger for William Hope, 1636)GB 
A treatise of the Sabbath and the Lords-day. Distinguished into foure parts. Wherein is declared both the nature, originall, and observation, as well of the one under the Old, as of the other under the New Testament. Written in French by David Primerose Batchelour in Divinitie in the Vniversity of Oxford, and minister of the Gospell in the Protestant Church of Roven. Englished out of his French manuscript by his father G.P. D.D. (London : Richard Badger for William Hope, are are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the Glove in Corne-Hill, 1636)
Prynne, William (1600-1669)  en
Certaine quæres propounded to the bowers at the name of Iesvs and to the patrons thereof. Wherein the authorities, and reasons alleadged by Bishop Andrewes and his followers, in defence of this ceremony, are briefly examined and refuted; the mistranslation of Phil. 2.10.11. cleared, and that tet, with others acquitted both from commanding or authorizing this novell ceremony, here gived to be unlawfull in sundry respects. (Amsterdam : [J.F. Stam], 1636)
Przipcovius, Samuel (c.1592-1670)
Dissertatio quam Fausti Socini operibus praemitti voluit eques Polonus
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