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Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)  en de
Imputative righteousness truly stated, according to the tenour of the Gospel : manifesting in what sence sound protestants hold it and in what sence libertines pervert it (London : J. D. and are to be sold by Jonathan Robinson and William Abington, 1679)
The nonconformists plea for peace, or, An account of their judgment in certain things in which they are misunderstood written to reconcile and pacifie such as by mistaking them hinder love and concord (London : Benj. Alsop ..., 1679)
The nonconformists plea for peace: or An account of their judgement. In certain things in which they are misunderstood: written to reconcile and pacifie such as by mistaking them hinder love and concord .. (London : Benj. Alsop, 1679)
Which is the true church? the whole Christian world, as headed only by Christ ... or, the Pope of Rome and his subjects as such? : in three parts ... (London : Printed, and are to be sold by Richard Janeway ..., 1679)
Bebel, Balthasar (1632-1686)  de fr
Antiquitates ecclesiae in tribus prioribus post natum Christum saeculis evangelicae et hodiernae @, quibusvis heterodoxis, modernis praesertim, oppositae, studio et opera Baltazaris Bebelii,... (1679)
Antiquitatum Ecclesiae in quarto post natum Christum seculo Euangelicae et hodiernae homopsL·phou, tomus prior [-posterior], ... Studio et opera Baltasaris Bebelii, ..: Tomus prior, in quo agitur de seculi scriptoribus, & scriptis, Ecclesiae ministerio, fidei principio, articulis ..., vol. 1 (sumptibus Johannis Eberhardi Zetzneri, 1679)
Antiquitatum Ecclesiae in quarto post natum Christum seculo Evangelicae Et hodiernae homops¿ephu Tomus ...: in quo agitur de Seculi scriptoribus, & scriptis, Ecclesiae Ministerio, Fidei principio, articulis, & symbolis, in genere, & in specie de Deo ..., vol. 1 (Zetznerus, 1679)
De gunaikobaptism] rato, recto, nec iterando ... praeside ... Baltasare Bebelio (Argentorati : Typis J. Welperi, 1679)
Diss. theol. de gynaikobaptismō rato, recto, nec iterando (Welperus, 1679)
Bechmann, Friedemann (1628-1703)  de
Disp. inaug. theol. de reali praesentia corporis et sanguinis Christi in sacra coena
Jena, 1679BSB 
Becmann, Johann Christoph (1641-1717)  de
Dissertatio De Exuperantia Obsequii (Francofurti Ad Oderam : Zeitlerus, 1679)
Dissertatio De Exuperantia Obseqvii (Francofurti ad Oderam : Zeitlerus, 1679)
Lineae doctrinae moralis de natura moralium variisque eorum casibus ductae a Joh. Christoph. Becmano D. et Histor. Prof. Ord (Francofurti ad Oderam : R. Völcher, 1679)
Beverland, Adriaan (1650-1715)  en
De peccato originali, [kat' exokhēn] sic nuncupato, dissertatio. Psalmographus Ps. LVIII. commate IV. ..
[Leiden] Ex Typographeio, 1679BNF 
Hadriani Beverlandi J. U. licentiati De peccato originali, kat' exochēn, sic nuncupato, dissertatio .. (Lindani : [S.n.], 1679)
Bèze, Théodore de (1519-1605)  fr en
Les psaumes en vers franc̜ois , retouchez sur l'ancienne version de Cl. Marot & Th. de Beze, trans. Clément Marot, Théodore de Bèze, Valentin Conrart (Charenton : Antoine Cellier, 1679)
Binsfeld, Peter (1545-1598)
Enchiridion theologiae pastoralis, et doctrinae necessariae sacerdotibus curam administrantibus (apud H. Verdussium, 1679)
Enchiridion theologicae pastoralis, et doctrinae necessariae (Verdussius, 1679)
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