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Bekker, Balthasar (1634-1698)  en nl
Balthasar Beckers des Jüngern, SS. T. D, und Predigers in Franeker Kurtzer Bericht von dem Gebrauch und Mißbrauch der Leich-Sermonen und Leich-Predigten : mit einem Anhang Einiger Synodal-Beschlüsse, Das Predigen und was demselben anhängig ist, betreffendt (1703)
Berruyer, Isaac, S.J. (1681-1758)
Europa ad Summum Pontificem (Clementem XI), mortis Commirii nuncia . Elegia, trans. Le P Orival (Paris : Bordelet, 1703)
Bossuet, Jacques Bénigne (1627-1704)
Instructions sur la version du N. T. [de R. Simon] impr. à Trevoux, avec une Ordonance, vol. 1 (1703)
Bottens, Fulgentius, O.F.M. Rec. (1637-1717)
Commentaria in omnes epistolas B. Pauli apostoli ... (ex typographia Francisci van Heurck, 1703)
Seraphijnsche oeffeningen: Seer profijtigh voor alle Godtvruchtighe Persoonen, die naerde vomaecktheyt der Goddelijcke liefde trachten ..., 6th ed. (Van Heurck, 1703)
Bourignon, Antoinette (1616-1680)
The light risen in darkness. In four parts. Being a collection of letters written to several persons, upon great and important subjects. Very profitable for the Common Instruction and Conduct of all who seek God in Sincerity: But in a Special manner for detecting the Lamentable decay of the Life and Spirit of Christianity now at this time, and directing to the proper means of recovering it. With a large explication of the 24. and 25. chapters of St. Matthew's gospel, ed. Chrétien de Cort, trans. George Garden (London : S. Manship, 1703)
Boyle, Charles (1676-1731)
As you find it : a comedy as it is acted at the New-Theatre, in Little-Lincoln's-Inn-Fields by Her Majesty's servants (1703)
Boyle, Robert (1627-1691)  en
Love and religion demonstrated in the martyrdom of Theodora, and of Didymus, 2nd ed. (John Taylor, 1703)
Brakel, Wilhelmus à (1635-1711)  en nl
Brief aan den heer N:N: ... behelsende eene opwekking en bestieringe tot en in de bekeeringe ... (1703)
Breithaupt, Joachim Just (1658-1732)  de
Animadversiones exegeticae et dogmatico-practicae in epistolam S. Pauli ad Philippenses (1703)
Exercitatio Theologica Exegetica In Epistolam S. Pauli Ad Titum / Per Dei Gratiam In Regia Fridericiana,Rectore Magnificentissimo, Serenissimo Principe Ac Domino Dn. Friderico Wilhelmo, Regni Borussici, Electoratus, Et Provinciarum Brandenb. Herede, & reliqua,Praeside Dn. Joach. Justo Breithaupt , S. Theol. D. & P. P. a. MDCCIII. m. Jun. Publico Examini submissa a Respondente Auctore Davide Nicolao Berdoto, Montisbelg. Serenissimi Montbelgartico - Vvurtembergici Ducis Alumno.
Halae : Orphanotropheum, 1703ULBH 
Broughton, John (c.1673-1720)
Psychologia: : or, An account of the nature of the rational soul. In two parts. The first, being an essay towards establishing the receiv'd doctrine, of an ... immortal substance, united to human body ... The second, a vindication of that ... doctrine, against a late book, call'd Second thoughts, etc. ... (London: : W.B. for T. Bennet... and A. Bosvile..., 1703)
Buddeus, Johann Franz (1667-1729)  en de
Diss. iuris nat. de comparatione obligationum quae ex diversis hominum statibus oriuntur (Henckelius, 1703)
Dissertatio Ivris Natvralis De Comparatione Obligationvm Qvae Ex Diversis Hominvm Statibvs Orivntvr / Qvam ... Praeside Io. Francisco Bvddeo, P. P. Ervditorvm Examini a. D. ... Novembr. a. MDCCIII. Svbmittit Io. Wilhelmo Coeler, Ragvhno-Anhaltinvs (Halae Magdebvrgicae : Henckel, 1703)
Dissertatio praeliminaris (1703)
Institutionum philosophiae eclecticae tomus ... (Zeitler, 1703)
Io. Francisci Buddei P. P. Elementa Philosophiae Theoreticae seu Institutionum Philosophiae Eclecticae Tomus Secundus (Orphanotrophium, 1703)
Io. Francisci Buddei P.P. Elementa Philosophiae Instrumentalis seu Institutionum Philosophiae Eclecticae Tomus Primus (Orphanotrophium, 1703)
Bull, George (1634-1710)
Georgii Bulii,... Opera omnia... (1703)
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