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Waeyen, Johannes van der (1639-1701)
Oratio inauguralis, de impotentia hominis animalis ad capienda ea quœ sunt spiritibus Dei ... (apud Franciscum Halma, 1707)
Wall, William (1647-1728)
The History of infant-baptism (London : J. Downing for R. Burrough, 1707)
Watts, Isaac (1674-1748)  en
An essay against uncharitableness: Wherein the secret springs of that vice are traced, and the mischeivous [sic] effects of it briefly survey'd. Written to expose that most unchristian iniquity of censures, revilings and church-anathemas, on the account of doubtful disputables in Christianity.. (R. Tookey, for J. Lawrence at the Angel in the Poultrey., 1707)
Weber, Immanuel (1659-1726)
Schediasma Historicum, De Eruditis Hassiae Principibus, Rectore ... Dn. Ludovico, Hassiae Landgravio, Principe Hersfeldiae, Caetera; Darmstad. Landgraviatus Haerede; In Alma Ludoviciana (Gissae-Hassorum : Vulpius, 1707)
Wegner, Gottfried (1644-1709)
Disputatio Theologica, De Restitutione Ablati : Ex Lucae C. XIX. v. 8. & Dicto Augustini, Non remittitur peccatum, nisi restituatur ablatum (Regiomonti : Reusner, 1707)
Weidling, Christian (1660-1731)  de
Gratiosum imperantem gratia Dei datum in gratios. Pr. Johanne Georgio D. Sax. ... demisso venerans cultu, ausp. lucis natal. sol. celebrationem indicit Christi. Weidling (1707)
Weidner, Johann Joachim (1672-1732)
Christus Resurgens Victor Causa Jobaeae Resurrectionis Et Restitutionis (Rostochii, 1707)
Wells, Edward (1667-1727)
The invalidity of presbyterian ordination proved from the presbyterians own doctrine of the twofold order: or A summary view of what has passed in controversy between dr. Wells and mr. Peirce (1707)
Wiber, Johann Heinrich (fl.1700-1707)
Principia philosophiae antiperipateticae contra principia philosophiae peripateticae : stabilita fortissimis argumentis, novis & veteribus, cum solutione argumentorum peripateticorum, et nova explicatione praecipuarum difficultatum, quae occurrunt in philosophia (Ratisbonae : Seidel, 1707)
Principia philosophiae antiperipateticae contra principia philosophiae peripateticae: stabilita fortissimis argumentis, novis & veteribus, cum solutione argumentorum peripateticorum, et nova explicatione praecipuarum difficultatum, quae occurrunt in philosophia (Seidel, 1707)
Wilkins, John (1614-1672)  en
The Mathematical and Philosophical Works Of the Right Reverend John Wilkins, Late Lord Bishop of Chester: Containing, I. The Discovery of a New World ... II. That 'tis probable our Earth is One of the Planets. III. Mercury: Or, The Secret and Swift Messenger ... IV. Mathematical Magick: Or the Wonders that may be performed by Mechanical Geometry, 5th ed. (London : John Nicholson, 1707)
Wolf, Hans Kaspar (1638-1710)
Dissertatio Theoretico-Practica De Vero Crucis Christi Usu (Tiguri : Typis Gessnerianis, 1707)
Wotton, William (1666-1727)
The rights of the clergy in the Christian Church asserted, in a sermon, 4th ed. (1707)
Wright, Samuel (1683-1746)
A funeral sermon occasion'd by the death of Mr. Caleb Head: who died November 19th 1707 ; to which is added an account of his conversion, and early piety, with his after remarks and observations taken out of his own manuscripts, 2nd ed. (Whattoff Boulter, 1707)
Wucherer, Johann Friedrich (1682-1737)
Dissertatio academica de defectibus theologiae Platonicae posterior (1707)
Zeltner, Gustav Georg (1672-1738)
Dissertatio Theologica De Novis Bibliorum Versionibus Germanicis Non Temere Vulgandis C. E. Trilleri & J. H. Reizii rationes potissimum sub examen vocans (Kohles, 1707)
Zentgraf, Johann Joachim (1643-1707)  de
Disputatio Theologica De Foederibus, Sive Pactis, quae cum humano genere Deus iniit: Et Testamentis Divinis (Argentorati, 1707)
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