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Wilkins, John (1614-1672)  en
The Mathematical and Philosophical Works Of the Right Reverend John Wilkins, Late Lord Bishop of Chester: Containing, I. The Discovery of a New World ... II. That 'tis probable our Earth is One of the Planets. III. Mercury: Or, The Secret and Swift Messenger ... IV. Mathematical Magick: Or the Wonders that may be performed by Mechanical Geometry, 5th ed.
5th ed. / London : John Nicholson, 1707GB 
5th ed. / London : John Nicholson, 1708GB 
Of the principles and duties of natural religion: two books, 6th ed. (London : Ri. Chiswell, Will. Battersby, and Will. Rogers, 1710)
Of the Principles and Duties of Natural Religion: Two Books. To which is Added: A Sermon, Preached at His Funerals by William Lloyd, 6th ed. (1710)
Verteidigter Copernicus
Monath, 1713GB 
Leipzig : Monath, 1713BSB 
Willis, Richard (bap.1664-1734)  en
A Sermon Preach'd Before the Queen: In the Royal Chappel at St. James's on Sunday February the 23d, 1706/7 (H. Hills, 1710)
The way to stable and quiet times : a sermon preach'd before the King at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London, on the 20th of January, 1714, being the day of thanksgiving ... (London : Matthew Wotton at the Three Daggers in Fleet street, 1715)
The way to stable and quiet times : in a sermon preach'd before the King at the cathedral church of St. Paul, London, on the 20th of January, 1714 : being the day of thanksgiving to Almighty God for bringing His Majesty to a peaceable and quiet possession of the throne, and thereby disappointing the designs of the pretender, and all his adherents (London : Matthew Wotton ..., 1715)
Willis, Thomas (1621-1675)  en
Opera omnia (Venice : sumptibus Ruinetti, & Storti, 1708)
Wiltens, Caspar (c.1594-1625)
Vocabularium; ofte woorden-boeck, Duytsch en Mallays (A.L. Loderus [printed by.], 1708)
Witsius, Herman (1636-1708)  de en
De oeconomia foederum Dei cum hominibus libri quatuor
Herborn : Johannes Nicolaus Andreas, 1712GDZ 
Exercitationes sacrae in symbolum quod apostolorum dicitur et in orationem dominicam, 4th ed.
4th ed. / Herborn : Johannes Nicolaus Andreas, 1712SBB 
4th ed. / Herborn : Typis et sumptibus Iohannis Nicolai Andreae, 1712GB 
Miscellaneorum sacrorum libri quatuor, 2nd ed. (Herborn : Johannes Nicolaus Andreas)
Vol. 2 (1712)
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