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Wolf, Johann Christoph (1683-1739)  en de
Bibliothecae Hebraeae: Sive Notitia Tvm Avctorvm Hebr. Cvjvscvnqve Aetatis, Tvm Scriptorvm, ... (Liebezeit, 1715)
Bibliothecæ Hebrææ (Impensis Christiani Liebezeit, 1715)
Jo. Christophori Wolfii ... Bibliotheca Hebraea, sive Notitia tum auctorum Hebr. cujuscunque aetatis, tum scriptorum, quae vel Hebraice primum exarata vel ab aliis conversa sunt, ad nostram aetatem deducta ... (Impensis Christiani Liebezeit, 1715)
Woodward, Josiah (1657-1712)
The Soldier's Monitor: Being Serious Advice to Soldiers, to Behave Themselves with a Just Regard to Religion and True Manhood. By Josiah Woodward, D.D. Publish'd by Her Majesty's Special Command, vol. 8 (J. Downing, 1715)
Wucherer, Johann Friedrich (1682-1737)
De eo, quod iustum est circa lottarias (Müller, 1715)
Meditationes de eo, quod iustum est circa lottarias (1715)
Yves de Paris (1588-1678)
Die Tugend-Schule der Christen: Worinnen ein jeder Mensch aufferbaulich unterwiesen wird, wie er pflichtmässig sein Leben anstellen solle
Wickhart, 1715GB 
Wolffgang Wickhart [Wolfgang Wickhart]
Vol. 2 (1715) GB 
Zeltner, Gustav Georg (1672-1738)
Disp. exeg. de munimento capitis foeminei contra angelos, ad 1 Cor. XI, 10 (1715)
Dissertatio Exegetico-Polemica De Svbiectione Iesv Christi Gloriosa Svper I ad Corinth. XV., comm. Xxii - Xxviii / Praeside Gvstavo Georgio Zeltner D. P. P. Et V. D. M. D. Sept. a. R. S. M D Ccxv. H. L. Q. C. Proponenda Awolffgango Adamo Schmavs Barvtho-Franco ([Altdorf] : Kohlesius, 1715)
Historiae Noribergensis ecclesiasticae notabilior pericope in Mauritii Helingi ... vita ... exhibita
Ziegenbalg, Bartholomaeus (1683-1719)  en de
A letter to the Reverend Mr. Geo. Lewis, chaplain to the honourable the East-India-Company at Fort St. George: giving an account of the method of instruction used in the charity-schools of the church call'd Jerusalem, in Tranquebar, by the Protestant missionaries there (J. Downing, 1715)
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