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Selden, John (1584-1654)  en
Of the dominion, or, Ownership of the sea : two books / by John Selden,... ; transl. into English... by Marchamont Nedham, trans. Marchamont Needham (London : W. Du-Gard, 1652)
Of the dominion, or, ownership of the sea two books. In the first is shew'd, that the sea, by the lavv of nature, or nations, is not common to all men, but capable of private dominion or proprietie, as well as the land. In the second is proved, that the dominion of the British sea, or that which incompasseth the isle of Great Britain, is, and ever hath been, a part or appendant of the empire of that island. Written at first in Latin, and entituled, Mare clausum seu, De dominio maris, by John Selden ... Translated into English; and set forth with som additional evidences and discourses (London : William Du-Gard, 1652)
Senguerdius, Arnold (1610-1667)
Collegium physicum, in quo viginti disputationibus in illustri Amstelodamensium Gymnasio Publice ventilatis, physica systematice proponitur / auctore & praeside Arnoldo Senguerdio (Amstelaedami : sumptibus Joannis Ravesteinii, 1652)
Sennert, Andreas (1606-1689)  de
Epistola D. Joannis apostoli et evangelistae catholica prima: Syriace ..., adiuncto è regione charctere ebraeo, itemque versione latina ... (1652)
Shepard, Thomas (1605-1649)  en
A treatise of liturgies, power of the keyes, and of matter of the visible church.:In answer to the reverend servant of Christ, Mr. John Ball. By Thomas Shephard, sometimes fellow of Emanuel-Colledge in Cambridge, and late pastour of Cambridge in New-England. (London : E. Cotes for Andrew Crooke, and are to be sold at the Green Dragon in Pauls Church-yard, 1652)
Silhon, Jean de (1596-1667)
Les Sentimens d'un fidelle subiet du Roy Sur l'Arrest du Parlement du vingt-neufième Decembre 1651 (attr. à Martineau, év. de Bazas, Cohon, év. de Dol, Servien, Silhon) (Louvre, 1652)
Les Sentimens d'vn fidelle suiet du Roy. Sur l'arrest du Parlement du vingt-neufiesme Decembre 1651 (1652)
Socinus, Faustus (1539-1604)  en pl
Toet-steen, waer aen men onfeylbaer kan toetsen, wie men voor een broeder in Christo moet erkennen, om ontschuldigh te blijven van sectery. Ghetrochen uyt de commentarien, van F. S. over I. Joan. 5 ([S.n.], 1652)
Spanheim, Frédéric, Jr (1632-1701)  en de
Disputationes Theologicae Miscellaneae / 1 (Genevae : Chouet, 1652)
Disputationes Theologicae Miscellaneae / 2 : Quae Celebres aliquot Anit-Anabaptisticas Controuersias complectitur (Genevae : Chouet, 1652)
Spanheim, Frédéric, Sr (1600-1649)  en fr
Disputationum theologicarum miscellanearum (Genevae : sumptibus Petri Chouët)
Vol. 1 (1652)
Vol. 2 (1652) [Quae Celebres aliquot Anit-Anabaptisticas Controuersias complectitur] GB 
Disputationum theologicarum miscellanearum [Vols. 1-2] (Genevae : sumptibus Petri Chouët, 1652)
Disputationum theologicarum miscellanearum pars prima [-secunda], auctore Friderico Spanhemio ..., vol. 1 (Geneva : Chouet, 1652)
Stahl, Daniel (1589-1654)
M. Danielis Stahlii Hamelburgensis Franci, Tractatus Logicus : Continens Sophismatum, Seu Syllogismorum in forma vitiosorum resolutionem (Francofurti : Steinmannus, 1652)
Metaphysica In qua Generalissimi non solum, sed etiam Specialissimi termini & distinctiones accurate explicantur, Controversiae dilucide tractantur, Et Metaphysicae usus in diversis disciplinis, praecipue Theologia breviter ostenditur (Francofurti, 1652)
Quaestionum logicarum ... pars prima (Jenae, 1652)
Stermont, Jacobus (1612-1665)
Eenvoudich advys om met de meeste spoet ende de minste schade te gheraken uyt den schadelicken oorloch met Engelant (1652)
Sterry, Peter (1613-1672)  en
England's deliverance from the northern presbytery, compared with its deliverance from the Roman papacy by Peter Sterry, once fellow of Emmanuel Colledge in Cambridge, now preacher to the Right Honorable the Councell of State, sitting at White-Hall. (Leith : Evan Tyler, 1652)
Stier, Johannes (1599-1648)
Praecepta doctrinae logicae, ethicae, physicae, metaphysicae, sphericaeq: brevibus tabellis compacta, 4th ed. (Londini : ex officina R. Danielis, 1652)
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