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Beverwyck, Johannes van
Wonderbaerlijcken strydt tusschen de kickvorschen ende de muysen toegepast op de nederlandtsche oorloge (Jasper Gorissz., 1641)
Binchius, Johannes (1586-1671)
Frommer Hertzen Trüb- und Labsal : Bey Hochansehnlichem Ehrengedechtnüß und Leichbegängnüß/ Der ... Fraw Magdalenen/ des Keyserlichen Freyen Weltlichen Stiffts Herfurd Abbatissin/ geborner Gräfin und Edlen Fräwlein zur Lippe (Rinteln : Lucius, 1641)
Blondel, David (1591-1655)
De la primauté en l'eglise : traitté ou font confrontes, avec la Reponse du Serenissime Roy de la Grand Bretagne etc. (Geneve, 1641)
De la primauté en l'Eglise Traitte (Geneva : Jacques Chouët, 1641)
Eclaircissements familiers de la controverse de l'eucharistie
[Paris] : Cailloüe, 1641BSB 
Quevilly : Jacques Cailloüe, 1641GB 
La primauté de l'église de David Blondel (J. Chouet, 1641)
Boate, Arnold (1606-1653)
Philosophia Naturalis Reformata. Id est, Philosophiae Aristotelicae accurata examinatio, ac solida confutatio. et novae ac verioris introductio (Dublin, 1641) / added author(s): Gerard Boate
Bontemps, Pierre Philippe (c.1610-1648)
Kort bewijs, van de menighvuldige doolingen der Wederdoopers, ofte Mennisten ... (Haerlem : Thomas Fonteyn, voor Henderick van Marcken, 1641)
Kort bewys van de menighvuldige doolingen der wederdoopers, ofte mennisten: met wederlegginge van hare uyt-vluchten, ende bevestinghe der christelicker waerheydt (Haerlem : Thomas Fonteyn. Voor Henderick van Marcken, 1641)
Bradshaw, William (1571-1618)  en
English Puritanisme containing the maine opinions of the rigidest sort of those that are called Puritans in the realme of England (London, 1641)
Bridge, William (c.1600-1671)  en
Babylons downfall a sermon lately preached at Westminster before sundry of the honourable House of Commons (London : I. N. for Iohn Rothwell ..., 1641)
Brightman, Thomas (1562-1607)  en
Reverend Mr. Brightmans iudgement or prophesies, what shall befall Germany, Scotland, Holland, and the churches adhering to them likewise what shall befall England, and the hierarchy therein : collected out of his exposition on the Revelations, printed above forty yeares since ... (London : R.H. ..., 1641)
Brochmand, Caspar Rasmussen (1585-1652)  de
In Canonicam & Catholicam Jacobi Epistolam Commentarius: In qvo I. Textus Græci verba diliogenter premuntur & expenduntur II. Membrorum nexus clarè ostenditur. III. Dissentientium interpretum sententiae afferuntur ... V. Doctrinæ, servituræ his, qvi conciones ad populum habebunt ... / Autore Casparo Erasmo Brochmand, D. Selandiæ Episcopæ (Hafniae : Joachim Moltke; Melchior Martzan, 1641)
In Canonicam Et Catholicam Jacobi Epistolam Commentarius (Hafnia, 1641)
Brunus, Coelestinus, O.E.S.A. (fl.1641-)
Quotlibeticarum disputationum partes (1641)
Bucer, Martin (1491-1551)  en de
Certain briefe treatises, written by diverse learned men, concerning the ancient and moderne government of the Church : wherein both the primitive institution of episcopacie is maintained, and the lawfulnesse of the ordination of the Protestant ministers beyond the seas likewise defended : the particulars whereof are set downe in the leafe following. (Oxford : Leonard Lichfield, 1641) / added author(s): John Rainolds, James Ussher, Edward Brerewood
Burges, Cornelius (c.1589-1665)  en
Another sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons now assembled in Parliament, November the fifth, 1641. By Cornelius Burges, D.D. Wherein, among other things, are shewed a list of some of the popish traytors in England. That their treasons were not occasioned by our laws, but from principles of their owne religion. That their priests are bound to infuse such principles into them. The courses taken by their priests and Iesuites to animate them unto treasons. An experimentall prognostication. Published by order of the House of Commons. (London : R.B. for P. Stephens and C. Meridith, 1641)
The first sermon,: preached to the Honourable House of Commons now assembled in Parliament at their publique fast. Novemb. 17. 1640. (London : I.L. for Philemon Stephens and Christopher Meredith, at the signe of the Golden Lion in Pauls Church-yard, 1641)
A sermon preached to the Honourable House of Commons assembled in Parliament. At their publique fast, Novem. 17. 1640. By Cornelius Burges D.D. Published by order of that House. (London : Iohn Legatt, 1641)
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