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Caesar, Philipp (1580-1642)  de
Triapostolatvs Septemtrionis: Vita Et Gesta S. VVillehadi, S. Ansgarii, S. Rimberti, Trivm Principalivm Ecclesiae Bremensis Episcoporum, Septentrionis Apostolorum, hactenus desiderata
Coloniae Agrippinae : Metternich, 1642GB 
Calamy, Edmund (1600-1666)  en
An ansvver to the articles against Master Calamy, Master Martiall, Master Burton, Master Peters, Master Moleigne, Master Case, M. Sedgwicke, M. Evans, &c. and many other painfull divines who were impeached of high treason by His Majesty : first answering particularly the articles themselves, then shewing the mis-information of His Majestie by the bishops, concerning the same : expressing the great care and vigilancy of those theologians which they have and doe daily undertake with great zeale for the rooting out of popery the confounding of Rome and for the erecting the pious truth and sincerity of the holy gospel of Christ. (London : William Bond ..., 1642)
Englands looking-glasse presented in a sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, December 22, 1641 (London : I. Raworth for Chr. Meredith ..., 1642)
Gods free mercy to England presented as a pretious and powerfull motive to humiliation : in a sermon preached before the honourable House of Commons at their late solemne fast, Feb. 23, 1641 (London : Christopher Meredith ..., 1642)
Cameron, John (c.1579-1625)  en
Joannis Cameronis,...Ta Sozomèna, sive Opera partim ab auctore ipso edita, partim post ejus obitum vulgata, partim nusquam hactenus publicata, vel e gallico idiomate nunc primum in latinim linguam translata, in unum collecta... (1642)
ΤΑ ΣΩΖΟΜΕΝΑ sive opera partim ab auctore ipso edita, partim post ejus obitum vulgata, partim nusquam hactenus publicata, vel e gallico idiomate nunc primum in latinam linguam translata
Frankfurt : Clement Schleichius, 1642GB 
Campanella, Tommaso, O.P. (1568-1639)  en it
De libris propriis et recta ratione studendi syntagma (1642)
De Libris propriis et recta ratione studendi Syntagma (Viduam Gulielmi Pelé, 1642)
De libris propriis et recta ratione studendi. Syntagma (Gulielmus Pele, 1642)
Camus de Pont-Carré, Jean-Pierre (1584-1652)
Le catéchisme spirituel, pour les personnes qui désirent faire progrès en la piété chrétienne (Paris : M. Durand, 1642)
Décades historiques (Vaultier, 1642)
Divertissement historique . Par Monsieur l'eveque de Belley (Rouen : Francois Vaultier, 1642)
Les offices du pasteur paroissial (Alliot, 1642)
Caramuel Lobkowitz, Juan, O.Cist. (1606-1682)
Rationalis et realis Philosophia
Lovanium, 1642BSB 
Carleton, George (c.1557-1628)  en
Bp Carletons testimonie concerning the Presbyterian discipline in the Low-Countries, and Episcopall government here in England.:VVherein is briefly discovered the novelty of the one, and antiquity of the other; with a short taste of the inconveniences that attend the new plat-forme, where that is set up in the roome of the old primitive government. Published for the common good. (London : Printed for Nath : Butter, 1642)
Cassander, George (1513-1566)
Georgi[i] Cassandri De Communione Sub Utraque Specie Dialogus : Una Cum Aliis Superiore Seculo Scriptis Et Actis Eodem Facientibus / Georgius Calixtus S. Theol. D. ... Collegit Et Edidit ; Accessit Eiusdem De Hac Ipsa Controversia Disputatio, Et Ad Academiam Coloniensem Iterata compellatio (Helmestadi[i] : Müller, Henning ; Typographeum Calixtinum, 1642)
Via ad pacem ecclesiasticam: quae hoc tractatu continentur vide sequenti pagina (apud Johannem Blaeu, 1642)
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