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Burnet, Gilbert (1643-1715)  en
Memoires Pour Servir A L'Histoire De La Grande-Bretagne, Sous Les Regnes De Guillaume Et Marie, De Guillaume III, Et D'Anne I., vol. 6 (Neaulme, 1735)
Buxtorf, Johann, Sr (1564-1629)  en de
Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum
Officina Episcopiana, 1735GB 
Basel, 1735GB 
Calmet, Augustine, O.S.B. (1672-1757)  en fr
Commentarium literale in omnes ac singulos tum Veteris cum Novi Testamenti libros, vol. 8 (Augustae Vindelicorum, 1735)
Commentarium Literale In Omnes Ac Singulos Tum Veteris Cum Novi Testamenti Libros: È Gallico In Latinum Sermonem Translatum. S. Matthaeus, S. Marcus, S. Lucas, S. Joannes, Et Acta Apostolorum Cum Variantibus Lectionibus Evangeliorum : ... in quatuor evangelia et acta apostolorum, vol. 7 (Augustae Vindelicorum : Veith, 1735)
Canz, Israël Gottlieb (1690-1753)
Oratoria scientiarum familiae toti cognata, seu, Rationis et orationis arctissimum vinculum : accedit Laudanda hypocrisis, seu, Eloquentia corporis : secundum praecepta, fundamenta, adjumenta, quibus formatur, probatur, impetratur (Tubingae : Sumptibus Christoph. Henr. Bergeri, 1735)
Carpov, Jakob (1699-1768)
De quaestione physica utrum tellus sit machina an animal (1735)
Revelatum sacro-sanctae trinitatis mysterium methodo demonstrativa propositum et ab obiectionibus dissentientium variis indice simul adiecto vindicatum (Sumptibus Ioh. Adam. Melchior, 1735)
Challoner, Richard (1691-1781)
Works (Meighan)
Vol. 1 (1735)
Vol. 2 (1735) GB 
Works, Volumes 1-2 (Meighan, 1735)
Chandler, Samuel (1693-1766)  en
An Account of the Conference held in Nicholas-Lane, February 13th 1734-5. between two Romish priests, and some Protestant divines. With some remarks on a pamphlet [by John Gunston], entitled, The Two Conferences, &c. truly stated (J. Gray, 1735)
An Account of the Conference Held in Nicholas-Lane, February 13th. 1734-5. Between Two Romish Priests, and Some Protestant Divines. ... By Samuel Chandler (J. Gray, 1735)
The Notes of the Church Considered: In a Sermon ... Preached at Salters-Hall, January 16, 1734-5. By Samuel Chandler (T. Cox; R. Ford; R. Hett; and J. Gray, 1735)
A second treatise on the notes of the church : as a supplement to the sermon preach'd at Salters Hall, January 16, 1734 ... (London : T. Cox at the Lamb under the Royal Exchange ..., 1735)
Chapman, John (1704-1784)
Phlegon Re-examined:: In Answer to Dr. Sykes's Second Defense of His Dissertation Concerning Phlegon. To which is Added a Postscript, Concerning the Chronicon Paschale (University-Press for Cornelius Crownfield: and John Crownfield, at the Rising-Sun in St. Paul's Church-Yard. London., 1735)
Clauberg, Johann (1622-1665)  en de
Logica contracta: novissimae huic editioni accessit appendix de materia syllogistica (Jansson, 1735)
Colliber, Samuel (fl.1718-c.1737)
An Impartial enquiry into the existence and nature of God : being a modest essay towards a more intelligible account of the divine perfections ; with remarks on several authors both ancient and modern ... (London : R. Robinson, 1735)
An impartial enquiry into the existence and nature of God: being a modest essay towards a more intelligent account of the Divine perfections. With remarks on several authors both ancient and modern; and particularly on some passages in Dr. Clarke's Demonstration of the being and attributes of ... (R. Robinson, 1735)
Collins, Anthony (1676-1729)
A Philosophical inquiry concerning human liberty (London : R. Robinson, 1735)
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