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Gerhard, Johann (1582-1637)  en de
Loci theologici: Cum pro adstruenda veritate tum pro destruenda quorumvis contradicentium falsitate per theses nervose solide et copiose explicati. Praefationem, indicibus generalibus post G. H. Mullerum adauctos ac vitam Io. Gerhardi, vol. 5 (Schlawitz, 1867)
Locorum theologicorum ... tomus primus (-nonus). Opus novem tomis comprehensum curavit, indices generales post G.H. Mullerum adauctos ac vitam I. Gerhardi adjecit E. Preuss, ed. Friedrich Reinhold Eduard Preuss (1867)
Gerhardt, Paul (1607-1676)  en de
Paul Gerhardts spiritual songs, tr. by J. Kelly
trans. John Kelly (1867)GB 
Berlin, 1867IA 
Gilpin, Richard (1625-1700)  en
Daemonologia sacra; or, A treatise of Satan's temptations (Edinburgh : J. Nichol, 1867)
Daemonologia sacra: or, a treatise of Satan's temptations in three parts, ed. Alexander Balloch Grosart (James Nichol, 1867)
Goodwin, John (c.1594-1665)  en
Pleroma to pneumatikon (romanized form): or, a being filled with the Spirit (J. Nichol, 1867)
Gouge, William (1575-1653)  en
A commentary on the whole Epistle to the Hebrews: being the substance of thirty years' Wednesday's lectures at Blackfriars, London, vol. 3 (J. Nichol, 1867)
Hall, Joseph (1574-1656)  en
Devotions, sacred aphorisms and religious table talk: selected from the writings of the eminently pious and learned Bishop Hall ; to which is prefixed a brief memoir of the author (William Tegg, 1867)
Henderson, Alexander (1583-1646)  en de
Sermons, prayers and pulpit addresses (Edinburgh : John Maclaren, 1867)
Hopkins, Ezekiel (1634-1690)  en
The works of Ezekiel Hopkins, successively Bishop of Raphoe and Derry (Philadelphia : Leighton Publications)
Vol. 1 (1867)
Vol. 2 (1867) IA 
Vol. 3 (1867) IA 
The works of Ezekiel Hopkins: successively bishop of Raphoe and Derry, 2nd ed., ed. Charles William Quick, vol. 1 (Philadelphia : Leighton Publications, 1867)
Jacob ben Hayyim ben Isaac ibn Adonijah (1470-1538)
[ Jewish ]
Jacob ben Chajim ibn Adonijah's Introduction to the Rabbinic Bible, Hebrew and English, 2nd ed. (Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, 1867)
La Croix, Claude, S.J. (1652-1714)
P. Claudii Lacroix ... Theologia moralis: seu ejusdem in H. Busembaum Medullam commentaria a Zacharia, S.J. elucidata atque vindicata (Ludovicum Vivès)
Vol. 2 (1867)
Vol. 4 (1867) GB 
Theologia moralis: seu ejusdem in H. Busembaum Medullam commentaria a Zacharia (Ludovicum Vivès, 1867)
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