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Sander, Nicholas (c.1530-1581)  en
Rise and growth of the Anglican schism, ed. Edward Rishton, trans. David Lewis
ed. Edward Rishton, trans. David Lewis (Burns & Oates, 1877)GB 
London : Burns & Oates, 1877IA 
London : Burns and Oates, 1877IA 
Sanderson, Robert (1587-1663)  en
Bishop Sanderson's lectures on conscience and human law, ed. in an Engl. tr. by C. Wordsworth, trans. Christopher Wordsworth (bp. of Lincoln) (1877)
Bishop Sanderson's lectures on conscience and human law: delivered in the Divinity School at Oxford (Williamson, 1877)
Segneri, Paolo (1624-1694)
The panegyrics of Father Segneri (London : R. Washbourne, 1877)
The panegyrics of father Segneri, transl (1877)
Sorel, Charles (c.1582-1674)
La vraie histoire comique de Francion, ed. Emile Colombey
ed. Emile Colombey (Garnier Frères, 1877)GB 
Spinoza, Benedictus de (1632-1677)  en
[ Jewish ]
Benedict von Spinoza's Ethik, 3rd ed., ed. Julius Hermann Kirchmann (Erich Koschny, 1877)
De la droite manière de vivre, 2nd ed., trans. J. G. Prat (G. Decaux, 1877)
De la Droite manière de vivre (2e édition), trans. J Prat (Paris : G. Decaux, 1877)
Der Theologisch-politische Tracta Spinoza's / mit einer Einleitung hrsg. von Hugo Ginsberg,.... [Angehängt ist der Artikel, ed. Hugo Ginsberg (Leipzig : E. Koschny, 1877)
Der Theologisch-politische tractat Spinoza's, ed. Hugo Ginsberg (E. Koschny, 1877)
Stewart, Dugald (1753-1828)
Biographical memoirs of Adam Smith, William Robertson, Thomas Reid. To which is prefixed a memoir of Dugald Stewart, with selections from his correspondence. By J. Veitch. 1858, 2nd ed. (T. & T. Clark, 1877)
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