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Danov, Ernst Jakob (1741-1782)
De choreis sacris Hebraeorum libellus academicus (Röse, 1766)
Darjes, Joachim Georg (1714-1791)
Institutiones jurisprudentiae privatae Romano-Germanicae (1766)
Institvtiones Ivrisprvdentiae Privatae Romano-Germanicae : In Vsvm Avditorii Svi Systematica Adornatae Methodo (Ienae : Cuno, 1766)
De Moor, Bernhard (1709-1780)
Commentarius perpetuus in Johannis Marckii Compendium theologiae christianae didactico-elencticum, vol. 4 (Leiden : Johannes Hasebroek, 1766)
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
Les commencemens et les progrès de la vraie piété ou Exposition des différens états dans lesquels un chrétien peut se trouver par rapport au salut ; avec des méditations ou des prières convenables au sujet de chaque chapitre (chés Jean-Christoph Heilmann, 1766)
Hymns founded on various texts in the Holy Scriptures (Assignment from the Author's widow: for J. Buckland, H. Woodfall [and others], 1766)
Drelincourt, Charles (1595-1669)  en fr
Christenliche Selbst-Bewährung und geistreiches Nachtmahl-Büchlein enthaltend die gottselige Prüffung zu diser heil. Geheimnuss / auss Hrn. Drelincourts Französischem theils übersetzet, theils mit etlichen schönen Gebätteren und eingründigen Hertzens-Seufzeren vermehret ... (Zürich : getruckt in Bürgklischer Truckerey, 1766)
Edwards, Jonathan (1703-1758)  en
The Great Christian doctrine of original sin defended, evidences of its truth produced, and arguments to the contrary answered : containing in particular, a reply to the objections and arguings of Dr. John Taylor, in his book, intitled, The Scripture doctrine of original sin proposed to free and candid examination
Boston; London : G. Keith [etc.], 1766GB 
Egger, Thomas (fl.1760-1785)
Theses theologicae ex libro I. Sententiarum : ad mentem Doctoris Subtilis Joannis duns Scoti disputandae (Ratisbona, 1766)
Theses theologicae ex libro I. Sententiarum: ad mentem Doctoris Subtilis Joannis duns Scoti disputandae (1766)
Elsnerus, Gijsbertus Matthias (1698-1775)
Paulus brief aan de Romeinen, geopend, ontleed, verklaard en tot zyn oogmerk toegepast, vol. 2 (Utrecht : Gisbertus Tiemon. van Paddenburg, en Abraham van Paddenburg, 1766)
Engelhard, Eusebius (1709-1765)
Wenga sive informatio historica de exempti collegii Sancti archangeli Michaelis ad insulas Wengenses Cann. Regg. Ulmae Suevorum (1766)
Erskine, Ebenezer (1680-1754)
Hrn. Ebenezer Erskine Betrachtungen über die Zuversicht des Glaubens. Aus dem Englischen (Minden : Francke, 1766)
Evans, Caleb (1737-1791)
The Scripture Doctrine of the Deity of the Son and Holy Spirit, Represented in Two Sermons Preached at Bristol, March 24, and April 21, 1765: Occasioned by a Pamphlet, Entitled An Attempt to Restore the Supreme Worship of God ... By George Williams, ... Together with Some Adimadversions on the ... (S. Farley, 1766. Sold also by J. Buckland, and G. Keith, London, 1766)
Fassonus, Liberatus (1720-1775)
De Leibnitiano rationis sufficientis principio diss., dum Ill. D. Ant. Fugger Com. de Kirchberg ... ex logica tentamen publ. subiret, proposita (Vienna, 1766)
Fleming, Caleb (1698-1779)
Another defence of the unity, wherein St. John's introduction to his Gospel and his account of the Word's being made flesh are considered : with a few remarks on some ... publications, particularly those of Dr. Benjamin Dawson, and Dr. Kennicot .. (London : T. Longman, 1766)
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