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Ward, Nathaniel (1578-1652)  en
The simple cobler of Aggawam, ed. Thomas Franklin Waters (Ipswich historical society, 1647)
Ward, Richard (c.1601-1684)
The principall duty of Parliament-men, or, A short and compendious treatise concerning the unity and unanimity, which should be in the members of that honourable assembly (London : J. R., 1641)
Ward, Samuel (1577-1640)  en
A most elegant and religious rapture:composed by Mr. Samuel Ward (that sometime famous and pious pastor at Ipswich) during his Episcopal imprisonment in the Gate-House, and by him dedicated to King Charles the First. Now, most exactly Englished by John Vicars. (London : Tho. Maxey, and are to be sold in Thames-street, neer St Benet Paul's Warf, 1649)
Ward, Samuel (1572-1643)  en
The vvonders of the load-stone. Or, The load-stone newly reduc't into a divine and morall vse. By Samuel Ward, of Ipswich. B.D. (London : E[lizabeth] P[urslowe] for Peter Cole, and are to be sold at his shop, at the signe of the glove and Lyon in Cornehill, over against the Conduit, 1640) [N.B., A translation of Ward’s "Magnetis reductorium theologicum tropologicum," erroneously published as the work of Samuel Ward of Ipswich.]
Webbe, George (1581-1642)
Praxis tranquilitatis : das ist Ruohe- oder Friedensübung / erstlich durch H. Georg Webbe in englischer Spraach beschriben, hernach auss dessen fünffter Edition in das Französisch ubergesetzt, anjetzo aber allen ...ins Teutsch gebracht (Zürich : Johann Jacob Bodmer, 1646)
Weber , Christian
Consistorium, hoc est de iure et ratione consistoriorum quae sunt iudicia ecclesiastica scriptum methodicum (Arnstadt : Saher, 1647)
Weber, Jeremias (1600-1643)
Christus desiderium gentium, seu succincta et orthodoxa enodatio dicti Haggaei II,6.7 (1640)
Lipsia Paradisus, Hoc est: Collatio Academiae Lipsiensis cum Paradiso. In Memoriam Reformationis Secularis Die XII. Augusti, ... a. M.Dc.Xxxix. Oratione Panegyrica / delineata à M. Jeremia Webero ... ([Leipzig] : Ritschius, 1639)
Wecker, Johannes Jacob (1528-1586)  en
De secretis libri septemdecim (1642)
Weemes, John (c.1579-1636)  en
The Christian synagogue : Wherein is contayned the diverse reading, the right poynting, translation, and collation of scripture with scripture. With the customes of the Hebrewes and proselytes, and of all those nations, with whom they were conversant
3rd ed. / London : T. and R. Cotes, 1630DTS 
4th ed. / London : Tho. Cotes, for Iohn Bellamy, 1633IA 
Exercitations divine : Containing diverse questions and solutions for the right understanding of the Scriptures. Proving the necessitie, integritie, perspicuitie, and sense thereof. As also shewing the singular prerogatiques wherewith the Lord indued those whom he appointed to bee the pen-men of them. Together with the excellencie and use of divinitie above all humane sciences. All which are cleared out of the Hebrew, and Greeke, the two originall languages in which the Scriptures were first written, by comparing them with the Samaritane, Chaldie, and Syriack copies, and with the Greeke interpretors, and vulgar Latine translation
London : T. Cotes, for Iohn Bellamie, and are to be sold at his shoppe at the signe of the three Golden Lyons in Cornehill, neere the Royall Exchange, 1632IA 
London : T. Cotes, for Iohn Bellamie, and are to be sold at his shoppe at the signe of the three Golden Lyons in Cornehill, neere the Royall Exchange, 1634IA 
An exposition of the lawes of Moses : viz., morall, ceremoniall, iudiciall ... the second volume ..
London : Iohn Dawson for Iohn Bellamie, 1632IA 
Vol. 1 (1632) IA 
Vol. 2 (1632) IA 
An exposition of the morall law, or, Ten commandements of almightie God : set downe by way of exercitations .. (London : T. Cotes for Iohn Bellamie, 1632)
An Exposition of the second table of the morall law : wherein is contained an explanation of diverse questions and positions for the right understanding thereof, together with an explication of these scriptures which depend upon or belong unto every one of the commandements, all of which are cleared out of the originall language, the customes of the Jewes, and the distinctions of the schoolemen (London : T.C. for John Bellamie, and are to be sold at his shop at the figure of the three Golden Lions in Cornhill, neere the Royall Exchange, 1636)
Observations, naturall and morall : with a short treatise of the numbers, weights, and measures, used by the Hebrews, with the valuation of them according to the measures of the Greeks and Romans : for the clearing of sundry places of Scripture in which these weights and measures are set downe by way of allusion (London : T. Cotes, for Iohn Bellamie, and are to be sold Benjamine Allen in Popes head Alley, 1633)
The portraiture of the image of God in man : in his three estates of creation, restauration, glorification .. (London : T.C. for Iohn Bellamie, 1636)
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