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Bèze, Théodore de (1519-1605)  fr en
Novum Testamentum Domini Nostri Jesu Christi (Philadelphia, G.S. Appleton; New York : D. Appleton & co., 1848)
Bryant, Jacob (1715-1804)
Observations upon a treatise, entitled A description of the Plain of Troy, by Monsieur Le Chevalier (Eton : Printed by M. Pote ; [London] : Sold by Messirs. Cadell and Davies ..., 1795)
Some observations upon the Vindication of Homer, and of the ancient poets and historians, who have recorded the siege and fall of Troy, written by I.B.S. Morritt, esq. (Eton : M. Pote, and E. Williams, 1799)
Hemmingsen, Niels (1513-1600)  en de
The faith of the Church Militant, Moste effectualie described in this exposition of the 84. Psalme, by ... Nicolas Hemmingivs, transl. out of Latine into English by Thomas Rogers (Middleton : H. [for Andrew Maunsel], 1581)
A learned and fruitefull Commentarie vpon the Epistle of James the Apostle ..., written in Latin by Nicholas Hemminge, and nevvly translated into English by VV. G.
Woodcocke, Thomas and Seton : Gregorie, 1577IA 
Om Ecteskab At 1. Betencke, 2. Begynde, 3. Fuldkomme, 4. Leffue vdi, 1. Viselige, 2. Ærlige, 3. Gudsfryctige, 4. Rolige, en Christelig Underuisning, Niels Hemmingssøn (Middleton, 1599)
Henry, Matthew (1662-1714)  en
The Westminster Assembly's Shorter catechism : with which is incorporated a Scripture catechism in the method of the Assembly's, by the Rev. Matthew Henry (Princeton, N.J. : F. Merrill, 1846)
Johnson, John (1662-1725)
The unknown dead; a Decoration day address (Littleton, N.H., Printed by the W. R. C. : G. A. R, 1912)
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques (1712-1778)
Confessions de J.J. Rousseau. Noms qui ne sont indiqués que par des lettres initiales dans les éditions imprimées. Morceaux inédits ou différences qui se trouvent entre le manuscrit offert à la Convention par Thérèse Levasseur, et les éditions de Rousseau. Le manuscrit de Thérèse Levasseur, porte l'épigraphe suivante, qu'on ne trouve dans aucune des éditions. Intùs et in cute (Se vend à Paris, chez V. Lebreton, Pichard : Desenne, 1796)
Saurin, Jacques (1677-1730)  fr
Sermons of the Rev. James Saurin, late Pastor of the French Church at The Hague (Princeton, N.J. : D.A. Borrenstein)
Vol. 1 (1827)
Vol. 2 (1827) IA 
Whiston, William (1667-1752)
The work claiming to be the constitutions of the holy Apostles, including the canons : Whiston's version, revised from the Greek : with a prize esssay, at the University of Bonn, upon their origin and contents [by O.C. Krabbe] (New York : D. Appleton ; Philadelphia : G.S. Appleton, 1848)
Witherspoon, John (1723-1794)  en
Lectures on moral philosophy (Princeton, N.J. : Princeton university press, 1912)

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