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Cobbet, Thomas (1608-1686)
Gospel incense or a practical treatise on prayer (Boston : Congregational Board of Publication, 1856)
Colman, Benjamin (1673-1747)
Faithful pastors angels of the churches. : A sermon preached to the bereaved flock, March 4. 1739. On the Lord's-Day after the funeral of the Reverend Mr. Peter Thacher of Boston. aetat. 62. : And now printed at their desire (Boston : J. Draper, for D. Henchman and S. Eliot in Cornhill, 1739)
The master taken up from the sons of the prophets : a sermon preached at Cambridge upon the sudden death of the reverend & learned John Leverett, president of Harvard College (Boston : [by B. Green] for Samuel Gerrish, 1724)
The merchandise of a people holiness to the Lord : A sermon preached in part at the publick lecture in Boston, July 1. 1725. In part at a private meeting for charity to the poor, March 6. 1726. And now published as a thank-offering to God for repeated surprising bounties from London for uses of piety and charity. (Boston, in New-England, : J. Draper, in Newbury-Street,, 1736)
The unspeakable gift of God;: a right charitable and bountiful spirit to the poor and needy members of Jesus Christ. : A sermon preached at the publick lecture in Boston, February 1. 1739. (Boston : J. Draper for H. Foster in Cornhil., 1739)
The Vanity of man as mortal : a sermon preach'd at the lecture in Boston, September 4, 1746 in the audience of the General Court, the morning before the funeral of the honourable Mrs. Frances Shirley, consort to His Excellency William Shirley, Captain General and Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts Bay, &c. (Boston : Rogers and Fowle for D. Henchman, 1746)
Comenius, Johann Amos (1592-1670)  en
Comenius' School of infancy: an essay on the education of youth during the first six years; (Boston : D. C. Heath and company, 1896)
Cotton, John (1585-1652)  en
The New-England primer improved for the more easy attaining the true reading of English : to which is added The Assembly of Divines, and Mr. Cotton's Catechism (Boston : Edward Draper, at his Printing-Office, in Newbury-Street, and sold by John Boyle in Marlborough-Street, 1777) / added author(s): Westminster Assembly
Doddridge, Philip (1702-1751)
The rise and progress of religion in the soul (Boston : T. Bedlington, 1822)
The rise and progress of religion in the soul ..
Boston : Joseph Bumstead, 1806IA 
Boston : Kimball and Johnson, 1831IA 
Donne, John, Sr (1572-1631)
Devotions upon emergent occasions. Edited by John Sparrow, with a bibliographical note by Geoffrey Keynes (Boston, Little, Brown and company; New York, J. S. Dickerson; [etc. : Cambridge University Press, 1923)
Duncan, William (1717-1760)
The elements of logic. In four books (Boston : Edinburgh W. & J. Deas by Abernethy and Walker, 1807)
Edwards, Jonathan (1703-1758)  en
An account of the life of the late reverend Mr. David Brainerd, minister of the gospel, missionary to the Indians, from the honourable Society in Scotland, for the propagation of Christian knowledge, and pastor of a church of Christian Indians in New Jersey. Who died at Northampton in New-England, October 9, 1747, in the 30th year of his age. Chiefly taken from his own diary, and other private writings, written for his own use; and now published, 1st ed.
1st ed. / Boston : D. Henchman, 1749IA 
A careful and strict enquiry into the modern prevailing notions of that freedom of will : which is supposed to be essential to moral agency, vertue and vice, reward and punishment, praise and blame (Boston : Thomas Field, 1762)
A careful and strict enquiry into the modern prevailing notions of that freedom of will, which is supposed to be essential to moral agency, virtue and vice, reward and punishment, praise and blame
Boston ; London : Ret. Field, 1762IA 
1st ed. / Boston, N.E. : S. Kneeland, 1754IA 
A Divine and Supernatural Light, Immediately imparted to the Soul by the Spirit of God, Shown to be both a Scriptural, and Rational Doctrine. A Sermon Preach’d at Northampton, [Mass.], And Published at the Desire of some of the Hearers., ed. Reiner Smolinski [Electronic Texts in American Studies] (Boston : S. Kneeland & T. Green, 1734)
The Great Christian doctrine of original sin defended, evidences of it's truth produced, and arguments to the contrary answered : containing, in particular, a reply to the objections and arguings of Dr. John Taylor, in his book, intitled, The Scripture doctrine of original sin proposed to free and candid examination, 1st ed. (Boston : S. Kneeland, 1758)
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