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Duisburg, Germany
(Est. 1654)
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AuthorFaculty / Appointment DatesVols.TraditionReference
Heinrich MascampProf. of (?-?) 3n/an/a
Faculty of Philosophy
Johann ClaubergProf. of Ethics & Politics (1655-1665) 76Reformeden de | NDB | Scholasticon
Joannes Georgius GraeviusProf. of Rhetoric (1656-1658) 2Reformedn/a
Christoph Friedrich CrellProf. of Ethics (1658-1700) 0Reformedn/a
Samuel van DiestProf. of Practical Philosophy (1658-1664) 4ReformedNNBW
David HugueninProf. of Oriental Languages (1691-1702) 1Reformed, Roman Catholicn/a
Johannes von HammProf. of Oriental Languages (1715-1759) 2Reformedn/a
Pieter van MusschenbroekProf. of Mathematics & Philosophy (1719-1723) 75Reformeden nl | DBNL
Heinrich Gottfried RochollProf. of Oriental Languages (1761-1762) 0Reformedn/a
Johann Peter BergProf. of Oriental Languages (1764-1800) 2ReformedADB | Rotermund
Faculty of Philosophy and Mathematics
Nicolaus EngelhardProf. of Philosophy and Mathematics (1723-1728) 4Reformedn/a
Faculty of Theology
Heinrich IsselburgProf. of Theology (1607-1612) 2ReformedADB | Rotermund
Johann ClaubergProf. of Theology (1652-1665) 76Reformeden de | NDB | Scholasticon
Christoph WittichProf. of Theology (1653-1654) 56Reformeden nl | ADB | Bayle | DBNL
Martin HundProf. of Theology (1655-1666) 2ReformedADB
Samuel van DiestProf. of Theology (1657-1664) 4ReformedNNBW
Christoph Friedrich CrellProf. of Theology (1658-1700) 0Reformedn/a
Johann Hermann HugenpothProf. of Theology (1666-1675) 0Reformedn/a
Petrus van MastrichtProf. of Theology (1670-1677) 61Reformedde | ADB | NNBW
Johann Jacob GantesweilerProf. of Oriental Languages & Biblical Antiquities (1678-1691) 2ReformedADB
Heinrich HulsiusProf. of Theology (1681-1723) 6ReformedADB
David HugueninProf. of Theology (1689-1702) 1Reformed, Roman Catholicn/a
Johann Gottfried BachmannProf. of Theology (1696-1702) 4Reformedn/a
Ludwig Hermann StumpfProf. of Theology (1704-1716) 1ReformedZedler
Christoph RaabProf. of Theology (1709-1748) 1ReformedZedler
Johann Christian LörsProf. of Theology (1717-1743) 2ReformedADB
Johannes von HammProf. of Theology (1721-1759) 2Reformedn/a
Daniel GerdesProf. of Theology (1726-1735) 122Reformeden | DBNL
Wilhelm NeuhausProf. of Theology (1726-1744) 1ReformedZedler
Peter JanssenProf. of Theology (1744-1770) 3ReformedADB
Eberhard Heinrich Daniel StoschProf. of Theology (1748-1749) 19ReformedADB
Philipp Jacob AmmendorfProf. of Theology (1749-1784) 1ReformedZedler
Heinrich Gottfried RochollProf. of Theology (1761-1762) 0Reformedn/a
Johann Peter BergProf. of Theology (1764-1800) 2ReformedADB | Rotermund

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