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Montauban, France
(Est. 1598)
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AuthorFaculty / Appointment DatesVols.TraditionReference
Faculty of Arts
Robert ConstantinProf. of Greek (1599-1605) 8Reformedn/a
Faculty of Law
William DuncanProf. of Law (1606-1629) 0ReformedHaag2
Faculty of Philosophy
Robert BoydProf. of Philosophy (1599-1604) 9Reformeden | DNB1
Gilbert BurnathProf. of Philosophy (1610-1629) 2ReformedHaag2
Jean VerdierProf. of Philosophy (1626-1637) 0Reformedn/a
William DuncanProf. of Philosophy (1629-1636) 0ReformedHaag2
Pierre CruvelProf. of Philosophy (1643-1658) 0Reformedn/a
Jacques GaillardProf. of Philosophy (1647-1659) 10ReformedHaag2 | NNBW
Jean BonProf. of Philosophy (1659-1682) 2ReformedHaag2
Elie RamondouProf. of Philosophy (1659-1685) 2Reformedn/a
Faculty of Theology
Michel BérauldProf. of Theology (1600-1611) 3ReformedHaag2
Jean TenansProf. of Hebrew (1600-1617) 0Reformedn/a
Bernard SonisProf. of Theology (1601-1617) 2ReformedHaag1
Daniel ChamierProf. of Theology (1612-1620) 59Reformeden fr | Bayle | Haag2
Hector JoliProf. of Hebrew (1617-1618) 1Reformedn/a
Pierre BéraudProf. of Theology (1618-1642) 0ReformedHaag2
Abel BicheteauProf. of Hebrew (1618-1625) 0Reformedn/a
John CameronProf. of Theology (1624-1625) 26Reformeden | Bayle | Haag2
Timothée DelonProf. of Hebrew (1625-1653) 3ReformedHaag2
Antoine GarissolesProf. of Theology (1627-1651) 6ReformedHaag2
Pierre OllierProf. of Theology (1643-1645) 0Reformedn/a
Paul CharlesProf. of Theology (1645-1648) 3ReformedHaag2
Jean VerdierProf. of Theology (1648-1666) 0Reformedn/a
André MartelProf. of Theology (1652-1685) 4ReformedHaag1
Joseph ArbussyProf. of Hebrew (1654-1659) 1Reformedn/a
Jean ClaudeProf. of Theology (1662-1666) 99Reformeden de
Jean GommarcProf. of Theology (1668-1673) 0Reformedn/a
Théophile ArbussyProf. of Theology (1674-1681) 3ReformedHaag2
Antoine PérèsProf. of Hebrew (1681-1685) 0Reformedn/a

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