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God – Trinity

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Hutter, Leonhard (1563-1616)  en de
Dispvtatio [Disputatio] II. Ex articulo primo Augustanae Confeßionis, De ¬Vnitate [Unitate] Essentiae Divinae, Et Personarum Trinitate (Mullerus, 1597)
Dispvtatio III. Ex articulo primo Augustanae Confeßionis, De Personarvm In Vna Divina Essentia Differentijs, notis Characteristicis, ordine: Et De Generatione Ac Divinitate filij Dei aeterna (Mullerus, 1597)
Jones, William (1726-1800)
The Catholic doctrine of a Trinity proved: by above an hundred short and clear arguments, 2nd ed. (Oxford : J. F. and C. Rivington; and G. G. J. and J. Robinson, 1758)
Junius, Franciscus (1545-1602)  en de
Defensio Catholicae Doctrinae De S. Trinitate Personarvm In Vnitate Essentiae Dei, aduersus Samosatenicos errores specie inanis philosophiae in Polonia exundantes, & libello comprehensos, vol. 1 (Heidelberg : Commelinus, 1592)
Knight, James (1672-1735)
The Scripture doctrine of the most Holy and undivided Trinity, vindicated from the misinterpretations of Dr. Clarke: To which is prefixed a letter to the Reverend Doctor, by Robert Nelson, Esq; / added author(s): Robert Nelson
London : Richard Smith, 1714GB 
Lalemandet, Jean, O.Min. (1595-1647)
Cursus Theologicus, in quo discvssis hinc inde Thomistarvm, & Scotistarum praecipuis fundamentis decisiuè Sententia pronuntiatur, vol. 2 (Lugduni : sumptibus Claudii Prost, 1656) [De Deo Trino]
Cursus Theologicus, in quo discvssis hinc inde Thomistarvm, & Scotistarum praecipuis fundamentis decisiuè Sententia pronuntiatur, Volumes 1-2 (Lugduni : sumptibus Claudii Prost, 1656)
Lugo, Francisco de, S.J. (1580-1652)  en pt
Theologia scholastica in I. p. D. Thomæ: continens tres libros, I. De Deo. II. De Trinitate. III. De angelis
Lugduni : sumpt. Haered. Petri Prost, Philippi Borde et Laurentii Arnaud, 1647GB 
Martin, David (1639-1721)
A critical dissertation upon the seventh verse of the fifth chapter of St. John's first epistle ... wherein the authentickness of this text is fully prov'd against the objections of Mr. Simon and the modern Arians. Written originally in French by Mr. Martin, and now translated into English (London : William and John Innys, 1719)
Mastertown, Charles (1679-1750)
The Doctrine of the Holy Trinity, Asserted from the Sacred Scriptures ... The Fourth Edition. With a Recommendatory Preface, and Greek Notes, by A. Taylor. To which is Now Added, A Supplemental-discourse on the Importance of this Scripture-doctrine (Francis Joy)
Vol. 1 (1745)
Vol. 2 (1745) GB 
Matthew of Aquasparta (1237-1302)
Tractatus de aeterna spiritus sancti processione ex patre filioque (Typographia Collegii S. Bonaventurae, 1895)
Meisner, Balthasar (1587-1626)  de
Disputatio Theologica, De Adorando Trinitatis Mysterio / Quam ... In celeberrima Academia Wittebergensi, Sub Praesidio ... Dn. Balth. Meisneri, Ss. Theol. D. & Prof. ... Publicae disquisitioni subiicit Fridericus Flaschnerus Svidnicio-Silesius. d. 24. Martii ... (Witebergae : Tham, 1626)
Millar, David (1687-1757)
Useful and important answers freely given, to use and important questions, concerning Jesus the Son of God, freely propos'd : or, a vindication of the co-essential sonship of the second person of the Trinity ; with an answer to the learned Roel, Dr. Ridgley, Dr. Anderson, &c. ... (London : R. Hett and J. Ward, 1751)
Musaeus, Johannes (1613-1681)  en de
De Deo triuno theses (Jenae, 1647)
Ridgley, Thomas (1667-1734)
A body of divinity : wherein the doctrines of the Christian religion are explained and defended : being the substance of several lectures on the Assembly's Larger catechism, vol. 1 (New York : R. Carter, 1855)
Rittangel, Johann Stephan (1602-1652)
Veritas religionis christianae in articulis de Trinitate et Christo ex Scriptura, Rabbinis et Cabbala probata. Praefixa est Johannis vander Waeyen Limborgianae Responsionis Discussio (Franequerae : Apud W. Bleck, 1699) / added author(s): Johannes van der Waeyen
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