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Davenant, John (1572-1641)  en
Determinationes quaestionum quarundam theologicarum
Cantabrigiae : Buck, 1639BSB 
1st ed. / Cantabrigiae : Th. et J. Buck, 1634GB 
2nd ed. / Cantabrigiae : Th. et J. Buck, 1639GB 
Expositio Epistolae D. Pauli Ad Colossenses (Cantabrigiae : Buck, 1639)
Expositio epistolae D. Pauli ad Colossenses
2nd ed. / Cambridge : T. & J. Buck, 1630IA 
3rd ed. / Cambridge : T. Buck, 1639GB 
Praelectiones de duobus in Theologia controversis capitibus de Indice Controversiarum
Cambridge, 1631GB 
Cantabrigum : Acad. typogr., 1631BSB 
Davenport, John (1597-1670)  en
A Sermon Preach’d at The Election of the Governour, at Boston in New-England May 19th 1669., ed. Paul Royster [Electronic Texts in American Studies] ([Cambridge, Mass], 1670)
Dillingham, William (c.1617-1689)
Prove all things, hold fast that which is good, I Thess. 5.21 handled in two sermons at S. Maries in Cambridge, the first on the Commencement-Sabbath, July 1, 1655, the other since (Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] : John Field, printer to the University, 1656)
Downame, George (c.1563-1634)  en
A godly and learned treatise of prayer which both conteineth in itthe doctrine of prayer, and also sheweth the practice of it in the exposition of the Lords prayer: by that faithfull and painfull servant of God George Downame, Doctr of Divinity, and late L. Bishop of Dery in the realm of Ireland. (Cambridge : Roger Daniel for Nicolas Bourn; and are to be sold at his shop at the south-entrance into the Royall Exchange in London, 1640)
Drexel, Jeremias, S.J. (1581-1638)
The considerations of Drexelius upon eternitie, trans. Ralph Winterton (Cambridge : Roger Daniel, 1666)
Edwards, John (1637-1716)  en
An enquiry into four remarkable texts of the New Testament which contain some difficulty in them, with a probable resolution of them by John Edwards ... (Cambridge : J. Hayes ... for W. Graves ..., 1692)
An Enquiry Into Four Remarkable Texts of the New Testament: Which Contain Some Difficulty in Them: with a Probable Resolution of Them. By John Edwards ... ... (Cambridge : J. Hayes, 1692)
The eternal and intrinsick reasons of good and evil a sermon preach'd at the commencement at Cambridge, on Sunday the 2d day of July, 1699 (Cambridge : University Press, for Edmund Jeffery ..., 1699)
The plague of the heart its [brace] nature and quality, original and causes, signs and symptoms, prevention and cure : with directions for our behaviour under the present judgement and plague of the Almighty (Cambridge [England] : John Field, for Edmund Beechinoe ..., 1665)
Eliot, John (1604-1690)  en
The Indian grammar begun: or, An essay to bring the Indian language into rules, for the help of such as desire to learn the same, for the furtherance of the Gospel among them. (Cambridge [Mass.] : Marmaduke Johnson, 1666)
Fenner, William (c.1600-1640)  en
The souls looking-glasse, lively representing its estate before God with a treatise of conscience : wherein the definitions and distinctions thereof are unfolded, and severall cases resolved (Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] : Roger Daniel ..., for John Rothwell ..., 1643)
Ficino, Marsilio (1433-1499)
Platonic theology
Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 2004IA 
Cambridge, MA : Harvard University Press, 2006IA 
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