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Thomas Hooker (c.1586-1647)
TraditionPuritan, ReformedReferenceen Academic Titlen/a
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Abstracts of two sermons (Hartford : Connecticut Historical Society, 1860)
The application of redemption by the effectual work of the word, and spirit of Christ, for the bringing home of lost sinners to God ... by that faithful and known servant of Christ, Mr. Thomas Hooker ... (London : Peter Cole ..., 1656)
De arme twyfelende christen, genadert tot Christus: Waar in de algemeene beletzelen en hinderpalen, welke de menschen weerhouden om tot Christus te komen, zyn ontdekt ... (Hendrik van Pelt, en Adrianus Douci, p-z, 1761)
A briefe exposition of the Lords prayer (London, 1645)
A letter in answer to the complaints of Gov. Winthrop of Massachusetts against Connecticut (1859)
The poor doubting Christian drawn to Christ: wherein the main hindrances which keep men from coming to Christ are discovered; with special helps to recover God's favor (Robins and Smith, 1845)
Rev. Thomas Hooker's letter, in reply to Governor Winthrop (Hartford : Connecticut Historical Society, 1860)
The soules exaltation .. & The Soules Ingrafting into Christ (London : Iohn Haviland for Andrew Crooke, 1638)
The Soules Preparation for Christ, Or, A Treatise of Contrition: Wherein is Discovered Hovv God Breakes the Heart and Wounds the Soule in the Conversion of a Sinner to Himselfe, 4th ed. (London : Assignes of T.P., 1638)
The soules preparation for Christ: a treatise of contrition [by T. Hooker]. (1638)
The soules preparation for Christ. Or, A treatise of contrition. Wherein is discovered how God breaks the heart and wounds the soule, in the conversion of a sinner to Himselfe. (London : [by M. Flesher] for Robert Davvlman, at the signe of the Brazen-serpent in Pauls Churchyard, 1632)
A survey of the summe of church-discipline. Wherein the way of the churches of New-England is warranted out of the Word, and all exceptions of weight, which are made against it, answered: Whereby also it will appear to the judicious reader, that something more must be said, then yet hath been, before their principles can be shaken, or they should be unsetled in their practice
London : A. M. for John Bellamy, 1648GB 
De waare ziels-vernedering en heilzame wanhoop (Hendrik van Pelt, 1760)

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