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Jena, Germany
(Est. 1557)
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AuthorFaculty / Appointment DatesVols.TraditionReference
Matthaeus DresserProf. of (1574-?) 41n/an/a
Paulus SlevogtProf. of Greek and Hebrew (1625-?) 1Lutherann/a
Paulus SlevogtProf. of Logic and Metaphysics (1654-1655) 1Lutherann/a
Christoph August HeumannProf. of (?-?) 47Lutherann/a
Caspar PosnerProf. of (?-?) 12Lutherann/a
Faculty of History
Burkhard Gotthelf StruveProf. of History (1704-?) 52n/an/a
Faculty of Law
Christoph Philipp RichterProf. of Law (?-?) 0Lutherann/a
Faculty of Logic
Owen GüntherProf. of Logic (1570-?) 11Lutherann/a
Faculty of Logic and Philosophy
Johann Andreas Schmidt, SrProf. of Logic and Philosophy (1683-?) 95LutheranJöcher
Faculty of Philosophy
David VoitProf. of Greek (1550-1558) 8Lutherande | VGT
Johann RosaProf. of Ethics, Logic, & History (1554-1572) 4Lutherann/a
Victor StrigelProf. of Philosophy (1558-1562) 69Lutheran, Reformeden de | ADB | VGT
Johannes Friedrich HimmlischProf. of Greek (1560-1562) 3Lutherande | NDB
Aegidius SaliusProf. of Physics & Mathematics (1562-1580) 2LutheranJöcher
Friedrich WidebramProf. of Poetry, Latin, & Logic (1563-1569) 4ReformedADB | VGT
Edo HilderichProf. of Mathematics (1564-1567) 4LutheranADB
Johannes DöbelProf. of Philosophy (1569-1573) 1Lutherann/a
Justus LipsiusProf. of Philosophy (1572-1574) 75Lutheran, Reformed, Roman Catholicen fr
Ambrosius ReudenProf. of Logic & Ethics (1572-1573) 10Lutherann/a
Ambrosius ReudenProf. of Hebrew (1578-1596) 10Lutherann/a
Christoph HammerProf. of Oriental Languages (1583-1597) 1Lutherann/a
Wolfgang HeiderProf. of Ethics & Politics (1587-1626) 21Lutherande | ADB
Lorenz RhodomannProf. of Greek (1591-1598) 6Lutherande
Petrus PiscatorProf. of Hebrew (1597-1605) 19LutheranZedler
Thomas SagittariusProf. of Greek (1605-1610) 88LutheranADB
Thomas SagittariusProf. of Logic & Metaphysics (1610-1616) 88LutheranADB
Salomon LenzProf. (adjunct) of Philosophy (1618-1619) 41Lutherann/a
Salomon GlassProf. of Greek & Hebrew (1621-1625) 86Lutheranen de | NDB
Daniel StahlProf. of Logic & Metaphysics (1623-1654) 40LutheranADB | Scholasticon
Caspar Sagittarius, SrProf. (adjunct) of Philosophy (1624-1626) 1LutheranADB
Johannes Michael DilherrProf. of Rhetoric (1631-1634) 239Lutherande | NDB
Johannes Michael DilherrProf. of History & Poetry (1634-1640) 239Lutherande | NDB
Johannes MusaeusProf. of History & Poetry (1643-1646) 87Lutheranen de | NDB
Johann Christfried SagittariusProf. of History & Poetry (1646-?) 25LutheranADB
Johann Ernst Gerhard, SrProf. of History (1652-1655) 18Lutherande | ADB
Friedemann BechmannProf. of Philosophy (1656-1668) 144Lutherande | ADB
Philipp MüllerProf. of Rhetoric (1663-?) 56LutheranADB
Christian GrübelProf. (adjunct) of Philosophy (1671-?) 6Lutherann/a
Valentin VeltheimProf. of Moral Philosophy (1672-1679) 152LutheranADB
Valentin VeltheimProf. of Logic & Metaphysics (1679-1683) 152LutheranADB
Friedrich WeiseProf. of Philosophy (1680-1682) 16LutheranADB
Johann Andreas DanzProf. of Oriental Languages (1685-1710) 105Lutherande | ADB | Zedler
Jesaias Friedrich WeissenbornProf. (adjunct) of Philosophy (1698-?) 26Lutherann/a
Johann Jakob SyrbiusProf. of Logic & Metaphysics (1707-1738) 17LutheranADB
Johann Reinhard RusProf. of Oriental Languages (1715-1733) 33LutheranADB
Johann Friedrich WuchererProf. of Physics (1717-1730) 35LutheranZedler
Johann Georg WalchProf. of Rhetoric & Poetry (1719-1724) 82Lutheranen de | ADB
Friedrich Andreas HallbauerProf. of Rhetoric & Poetry (1731-1740) 32LutheranADB
Johann Gottfried TympeProf. (extraordinarius) of Oriental Languages of Philosophy (1734-1761) 2Lutherann/a
Johann Peter ReuschProf. of Logic & Metaphysics (1738-1755) 3LutheranADB
Anton Wilhelm AmoProf. of Philosophy (1740-1747) 2n/a
Johann Ernst SchubertAdjunct (1741-1745) 58Lutherande | ADB
Friedrich Theodosius MüllerProf. (extraordinarius) of Philosophy (1745-1761) 6LutheranADB
Christian Friedrich PolzProf. of Philosophy (1759-1777) 10Lutherann/a
Johann FrischmuthProf. of Greek & Oriental Languages (?-?) 41Lutherande | ADB
Johann Paul HebenstreitProf. (adjunct) of Philosophy (?-?) 41Lutherann/a
Ulrich HeinsiusProf. of Philosophy (?-?) 7Lutherann/a
Johann Christoph HundeshagenProf. of Logic and Metaphysics of Philosophy (?-?) 71Lutherann/a
Johann Caspar PosnerProf. of Philosophy (?-?) 11n/an/a
Michael WolfProf. of Philosophy (?-1623) 31LutheranZedler
Faculty of Philosophy and Law
Joachim Georg DarjesProf. of Philosophy and Law (1741-1763) 84Lutherann/a
Faculty of Physics
Johannes ZeisoldProf. of Physics (?-?) 37Lutherann/a
Faculty of Theology
Erhard SchnepffProf. of Hebrew (1548-1558) 9Lutheranen de | NDB | VGT
Matthias Flacius IllyricusProf. of New Testament (1557-1562) 220Lutheranen de | NDB | VGT
Simon MusaeusProf. of Theology (1558-1561) 14Lutherande | ADB | Rotermund
Matthaeus JudexProf. of Theology (1560-1561) 17Lutherande | NDB
Johann WigandProf. of Theology (1560-1562) 156Lutherande | ADB | VGT
Nikolaus SelneckerProf. of Theology (1562-1568) 335Lutherande | ADB
Johann StösselProf. of Theology (1562-1568) 0Lutheranen de | ADB
Johannes Friedrich HimmlischProf. of Theology (1568-1572) 3Lutherande | NDB
Johann WigandProf. of Theology (1568-1573) 156Lutherande | ADB | VGT
Tilemann HeshusenProf. of Theology (1569-1571) 276Lutheranen de | NDB | Rotermund
Timotheus KirchnerProf. of Theology (1571-?) 35Lutherande | NDB
Johann HabermannProf. (extraordinarius) of Hebrew of Theology (1573-1574) 54Lutheranen de | NDB
Martin MirusProf. of Theology (1573-1574) 24Lutherande | ADB
Hieronmyus Opitz, JrProf. of Hebrew (1574-1577) 1LutheranZedler
David VoitProf. of Theology (1574-1587) 8Lutherande | VGT
Balthasar SartoriusProf. of Theology (1575-1587) 4LutheranADB | SB
Georg MyliusProf. of Theology (1589-1593) 149Lutherande | ADB | VGT
Samuel FischerProf. of Theology (1590-1600) 1Lutherande
Ambrosius ReudenProf. of Theology (1596-1615) 10Lutherann/a
Johannes DöbelProf. of Theology (1605-1610) 1Lutherann/a
Petrus PiscatorProf. of Theology (1605-1611) 19LutheranZedler
Albert GrawerProf. of Theology (1611-1616) 55Lutherande | ADB | Scholasticon
Johannes MajorProf. of Theology (1611-?) 28Lutherande | ADB
Johann GerhardProf. of Theology (1616-1637) 230Lutheranen de | NDB | Scholasticon
Johann HimmelProf. of Theology (1617-1642) 31Lutherande | ADB
Salomon GlassProf. of Theology (1638-1640) 86Lutheranen de | NDB
Johannes Michael DilherrProf. (extraordinarius) of Theology (1640-1642) 239Lutherande | NDB
Gottfried CundisiusProf. of Theology (1643-1651) 17Lutherande | ADB
Johann Tobias MajorProf. of Theology (1645-1655) 17Lutherande | ADB
Johannes MusaeusProf. of Theology (1646-1681) 87Lutheranen de | NDB
Christian ChemnitzProf. of Theology (1652-1666) 69LutheranADB
Johann Ernst Gerhard, SrProf. of Theology (1655-1668) 18Lutherande | ADB
Sebastian NiemannProf. of Theology (1657-1674) 60Lutherande | Zedler
Friedemann BechmannProf. of Theology (1668-1703) 144Lutherande | ADB
Johann Wilhelm Baier, SrProf. of Church History (1674-1694) 38Lutheranen de | NDB
Wilhelm ZeschProf. of Theology (1682-1682) 7Lutherann/a
Valentin VeltheimProf. of Theology (1683-1700) 152LutheranADB
Johann WeissenbornProf. of Theology (1700-1700) 2Lutherann/a
Philipp MüllerProf. of Theology (1702-1713) 56LutheranADB
Johann Franz BuddeusProf. of Theology (1705-1729) 244Lutheranen de | BBKL | NDB
Michael FörtschProf. of Theology (1705-1724) 83LutheranADB
Johann Andreas DanzProf. of Theology (1710-1727) 105Lutherande | ADB | Zedler
Johann Paul HebenstreitProf. of Theology (1710-1718) 41Lutherann/a
Jesaias Friedrich WeissenbornProf. of Theology (1713-1750) 26Lutherann/a
Johann Georg WalchProf. of Theology (1724-1775) 82Lutheranen de | ADB
Johann Jakob SyrbiusProf. (extraordinarius) of Theology (1730-1738) 17LutheranADB
Johann Friedrich WuchererProf. of Theology (1730-1737) 35LutheranZedler
Johann Reinhard RusProf. of Theology (1733-1738) 33LutheranADB
Friedrich Andreas HallbauerProf. of Theology (1740-1750) 32LutheranADB
Johann Leonhard ReckenbergerProf. extraordinarius of Theology (1740-?) 23LutheranADB
Johann Christoph KoecherProf. of Theology (1751-1772) 30LutheranADB
Johann Peter ReuschProf. of Theology (1755-1758) 3LutheranADB
Friedrich Theodosius MüllerProf. of Theology (1761-1766) 6LutheranADB
Johann Gottfried TympeProf. of Theology (1761-1768) 2Lutherann/a
Ernst Jakob DanovProf. of Theology (1768-1782) 2LutheranADB
Christian Friedrich PolzProf. of Theology (1777-1782) 10Lutherann/a
Christoph HammerProf. of Theology (?-1583) 1Lutherann/a

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